When we know our purpose and are following our passions, we can have a sense of fulfillment that is indescribable.

As lightworkers, Empaths, sensitive and powerful souls in this world, our purpose is absolutely paramount for our life’s journey.

I want to start mentioning that there are 2 pieces to this fulfillment thing. The first is, that we bring our own fulfillment. So it isn’t about the idea that we have to have our outer life and experiences exactly as we think it should be to feel fulfilled. We can create how we want to feel, and then bring that to our life. This is one piece, but the piece I want to really talk about is how we can feel so fulfilled by knowing our purpose and living through it.  

I see purpose as an underlying direction, intention, and feeling, that we feel called to live through. As we evolve and live our life, our purpose can become clearer, it can shift and we discover more aspects of it. I also feel we have a whole bottom line purpose, the reason why we are here type of purpose. Then we also have other offshoots of that purpose.  

For example, as a human here on earth, I know that I am here to help the spiritual evolution of us all by living my life, evolving myself and being the light.  I also have a deep purpose as a mother, a “healer type”, and a dancer among some other things.  At the heart of it, though it all comes back with my relationship to myself, and how that keeps shifting. I have uncovered more and more layers of this over time, and in essence, it isn’t something I hold tight to. I just know, and I live through my knowing each step on the journey.

A passion is something that you feel…. passionate about. It’s a desire. We have so many desires that change and evolve. We have desires that are fleeting and desires that stick around for a lifetime.

Our desires are so important because they really show us so much about ourselves and who we are.

If we have some space to ask ourselves, we can uncover our purpose, though sometimes it isn’t clear. Sometimes when we are constantly moving, when we have lots of responsibilities, and we have this intense energetic relationship with the world, it can feel quite foggy.  

I want to give you a few tips on how you can discover what you purpose is, and if you already know your purpose, this is a fun reminder and exploration.  

1: Start To Notice Your Passions.  

Notice those little and large things that excite you. This isn’t just about you being an artist, and you enjoy that. This is about being excited about planning dinner for the weekend, desiring to sit in the sun for a while, interested in that type of class you keep seeing pop on your Facebook Newsfeed, a color that you have been drawn to a lot lately, wanting to watch certain types of shows on TV lately…I think you probably get what I am talking about. It is always interesting and insightful to see what we are getting interested, excited, and passionate about.  Even if you don’t act on it, just notice it. It’s like an exploratory mission!

2: Act On Those Little Impulses.  

Those little nudges to sit in the sun for a few minutes, to call that friend, to watch that show, to paint that bedroom, to take that class, to wear that shirt in your closet that brings you joy, and on and on. Those impulses are your deeper knowing. It is your inner guidance, your intuition, whatever you choose to call it at this point.

You never know where those impulses will take you. The impulse to call a friend might become a conversation about a vacation that you have always wanted to take and are now inspired to actually create a plan for. Being drawn to a certain color a lot might show you that you are desiring more nurturing which you then can create for yourself in all the ways that feel right. That desire to take that class might end up being so fun that you want to go back again. Each step of the journey always leads to something else. The never ending breadcrumbs from our highest knowing.  

3: Remember that at the heart of your passions, is a deeper purpose. 

Yes. At the heart of it, you are driven by a purpose more than you realize.  As you explore your passions, you will uncover that deepest purpose. This is so profound and important.  It’s helpful to ask yourself when finding things you are passionate about “what is my purpose here?”. Sometimes it might be “to have fun, “ or “ to connect with myself” or many other things. Each time, you ask, you start to know yourself even better.  It is very interesting!!

4: Make space for your purpose to become clear.

YES, in a world that promotes constant motion, stimulation, and productivity, space is becoming more and more popular as the pendulum swings. However, we have to create if for ourselves. No one can do that for us. Space can be small. It can be that moment in the sun.  

This is why I will discuss purpose and passions in week 8, the last week, of Lightworkers Who Shine. We need all the other weeks of clearing, finding clarity, diving deep, and holding space for ourselves to come to a place where our purpose is right there sitting inside of us as a dear friend who never left.  We need more of the energetic understanding of who we are and more command of our inner state to see our purpose clearly.  

When we live through our purpose we can feel fulfilled more often. We can constantly evolve our outward expression of our purpose. We can feel deeply useful in the world and enjoy it too.  

When we feel fulfilled, it is easier to have a deep sense of awe in the world. It is never as we deem “perfect”, it is always layered. However, when we feel like we have found our place, things do fall into place.  

Lightworkers Who Shine starts soon.  8 weeks of awesome sessions/lessons together that you can then download and have forever. A great group to be supported as you explore, discover, expand on this 8-week journey.  All with the purpose of you embracing your light in your own unique way by diving into many topics around your personal power and boundaries along with energy techniques.   If you want in….Join us! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Would you like to hear me discuss Purpose and fulfillment in video form? Check out my recent Facebook Live on the topic! 

Until Next Time,


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