There was a distinct moment when I realized that I was so sensitive, and it was so obvious that it wasn’t obvious. Like a fish being asked if they live in water and the fish saying “no, I don’t think so.”

I knew for a long time that I was sensitive.  In years past I looked at it as a weakness. I thought other people could handle things better than me. I wondered why certain things didn’t bother other people as much.

I definitely learned to keep my feelings in and put up walls. This was a long time ago, but I want to share this if this is relatable to you. Unfortunately feeling like the different one can be hard. I am here to tell you that you aren’t alone.  

As time went on, I learned more about energy, and healing, and intuition among other things and it became clearer and clearer that what was going on was I was an empath. In my belief, everyone is empathic even just a little and once in awhile, like when a friend is sick or really going through a tragedy.  Others are very empathic and it can actually be really hard to deal with when you don’t know what is going on.  

I am not here to say that every time you are drained, it is an empath thing. As humans we have so many possible reasons and nuances for the way we feel.  However what if you are that fish in the unknown water?

If this if foreign to you I get it. If this seems strange or crazy, I get that too. If you stick around here, you might hear stuff from me that seems so far down the rabbit hole you might be surprised. It is completely up to you though. If this interests you keep reading.

Essentially my passion is to help and teach people to discover and understand who they really are.

I want to briefly explain what an Empath is and what a lightworker is, in case you aren’t sure.

An empath is someone who gets personally affected by other people’s energy in some way and it presents differently for each person. Empaths are affected by others emotions, physical symptoms, global issues, and more.  So in essence, the main thing to drive home with this is as an empath you feel other people’s stuff as your own and/or blended with your own.   It becomes where we can’t separate ourselves from whatever is happening, like the tragic news, another’s suffering etc.  Empaths are very interested in others and what they are feeling sometimes to the point where they are much less interested in their own life and energy.

A couple examples:

An empath could feel back pain and realize it isn’t theirs, it’s the friend they are talking to. Same can go for someone else’s emotions.

An empath can feel drained, foggy, boundaryless, overwhelmed, overstimulated and inundated with someone else’s energy.

These are 2 basic examples of what could happen, but in essence, there are many more examples.

The biggest thing I help empaths with is to embrace their power so that this happens much less, which feels like freedom! 

The definition of an empath gets blended on the internet with clairsentience.  Clairsentience is the intuitive ability to feel.  It just means your intuition comes through feel. We can feel and be intuitive without being affected by other’s stuff in a way that doesn’t feel good. In fact, intuition is much clearer when we aren’t energetically entangled with others’ energy.

A lightworker is someone who feels called to help humanity and the earth. In my belief, we all as humans are helpers. However lightworkers, whether they know it yet or not, are here to help collective consciousness raise by embracing/owning/being their light. This is actually a really special time here on earth as much is changing collectively, so as lightworkers are waking up to who they really are, they are feeling desires to help in specific ways.

It doesn’t mean lightworkers are or need to be vibrant all the time.   We are human, and we learn through our full spectrum human experiences. However, we can also learn and know that we can be in our light more often. That we are way more than who we think we are as our age, sex, demographic, the collection of past experiences etc.  We are spiritual beings having this very interesting human experience.  

Many lightworkers don’t know they are lightworkers. Some are really interested in spirituality or the deep mystical aspects of religion. Some are curious about more than the eye can see. Some just feel they know things deeper than others. Some are just this vibrant light that everyone loves to be around.Some are stumbling around, not knowing which way is up and then suddenly get metaphorically knocked on the side of the head with a metaphysical two by four. Is one of these you?

If any of this resonates with you, and if you have questions, certainly reach out to me. You can reply to this email.  

The reason why I created Lightworkers Who Shine is that a lightworker embracing their power and expressing themselves as they desire in this life is infinitely more powerful and influential than many who are not.
Lightworkers need support, they need understanding and education on how to navigate it all.  

Doors Fully Close July 28, but I want to share with you the 2 Early Bird Specials that end July 20.

ALL Early Birds get:

The 1 hour class on “Raise your Mood and Vibration with Appreciation” Packed with practical tips and information on all the various ways to practice appreciation and how to easily fit it into your life/schedule. It is downloadable and you can have it forever.

The first 15 Early Birds will also get: 

90-minute Small Group Mentoring Session (5 or so people per group)

Each person gets 1-1 time and we all collectively evolve from the small group interaction and energy of this powerful session. This mentoring session will happen after the course is over to further support you on your journey moving forward!

So if I am talking to you, and you want in, jump in! I am here to support you! CLICK HERE

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