Empowerment is not something to get, acquire or strive for. If this is what you have felt in the past. I am sorry, dear soul.

You see, a big thing I have an issue with when it comes to the way spirituality, inner growth, self-help etc. is sometimes talked about, is this underlying feeling of needing to obtain something.

It drives me crazy actually. It is so typical of our modern day culture that is a lot about consuming. Don’t worry, I am not going off on a rant, and frankly, I love modern day, and I am glad to be alive now, here, present time.

However, it comes down to this underlying understanding that we must fill up from the outside in. That we are fragmented and incomplete without “fill in the blank with whatever we are talking about.” This is a hugely flawed premise, and it runs rampant.

Unfortunately, the conversation of empowerment can sometimes be talked about in this skewed way as well. Humans are so good at being disempowered and when we talk about “working on ourselves” from a place of needing to acquire empowerment, it reinforces that concept of needing to be better, do better, to feel enough.It is a slippery slope, one I know well. It is a pattern for sure that many of us have inside. We can spend all day talking about the origins of it, but here is what I really want to say:

There is nothing else you need. You are enough. You are complete. You are whole. Truly.

I know it can sound like a nice sentiment, but it is a foundational truth.

At the heart of it, we are so incredibly complex, unique and layered individuals. We have things that limit us in our moment to moment life. We aren’t our idea of “perfect.” Yet we can actually still embrace the concept of being whole. At first, it is just a concept. Then it starts to be a feeling you can tap into. A knowing to return to. A presence.

I rather say “embrace your power” over empowerment. I rather reinforce that you are powerful always, whether you feel it or not. I rather remind you that you are not irrevocably broken, fragment, or messed up even though you might feel that way. I love to nudge you to embrace and allow all your feelings of being “less than” to surface and be seen, felt and befriended by you.

We are more vast than our minds could even truly understand. I know this to be true to my core, and this knowing just keeps growing.

Empowerment like most spiritual topics isn’t’ something we have to obtain. It is something that we learn to tune into. It is something we can explore. Play with. Discover that which is already there.

When we shift more into a feeling of wholeness, we can actually feel some joy, appreciation, and neutrality while also experiencing the chaos and the depths of intense feelings. We don’t have to wait for feel perfect to be content with ourselves. We can know our wholeness while still being incredibly flawed, fickle and F*&$’ed up (it rhymed, I had to do it).

So I would never tell you NEED to join Lightworkers Who Shine, or you won’t find empowerment. I don’t play that game. That isn’t truth.

What is truth, is that this course will be transformational. It is a wonderful designated time for you to explore your power with other lightworkers, and be supported all throughout. It is a ton of awesome foundational information and energy techniques that will be useful to you for a long time.

Feel inside yourself. Is this right for you? Only you will know. Does it feel “right” in your bones? Then what are you waiting for?

If this resonates, if you feel called, then join us. Doors Close Friday at the end of the day…

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