Do you know how to feel? Or do you just think about feeling?

This comes up for most of the clients I work with. It came up for me too when I started my journey into the deeper understanding of what feeling is.

I was a daily meditator, yoga practitioner, and spiritual seeker, and when I started to learn about feel, it was a game changer for me.  It wasn’t something I was fully accessing despite all my “inner work” I was doing.

Feeling is the starting point for so much more. As energetic beings, when we know how to feel we can be much more aware of what affects us and in what ways. Then we can start to choose what and how we want to feel. This is true empowerment, and sovereignty.

Listen/Watch as I break this down for you and give you pointers and inspiration on this topic of feel. It will be helpful for you wherever you are on your journey.  

This is a Facebook Livestream, so if you want to comment, feel free to click the upper right where it says “Vanessa Uybarreta”  or the “F” in the lower right and you can watch/comment  there…

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