The farther you go down the rabbit hole, the farther away you might feel from those around you.

I know how off it can feel as you discover and uncover new aspects of yourself, your path, and everything about your life on your spiritual journey to then go back into the world. Add to that if you are naturally introverted in some way and it can be even worse.

Sometimes we go through massive shifts, healing, and clearing and it can feel very “other dimensional.” Like we are in another space, place, focus while this is happening. Then we come out into the light of day, and go “Wow things really look different now.”

There can sometimes be a sense of disconnect with your life, the people around you and just about everything. Sometimes this can feel freeing and new and other times, it can feel scary, off-putting and really unfamiliar.  

Do you ever think…” How the hell am I going to be able to converse/function with people?????? I feel like a weirdo!”

If you feel like you attend Hogwarts and are in a world of Muggles sometimes, I hear you.

Here’s the thing. Whenever we transform, especially when we have made a massive shift, it is SUPPOSE to feel different going into the world….because we SHIFTED. I know sometimes we forget this piece as we try and navigate our new paradigm, but it is true! We just SHIFTED, which is what we want, and now we are relating to the world differently.  

The main thing I want to say is, that you aren’t alone in this. Really you aren’t.

Here are a few things that might help you on your journey…..

Quarantining yourself can be helpful when it feels right. Sometimes we just need to be alone, or with a person who totally gets it all.

It is ok to NOT share your inner experiences with people you aren’t comfortable with sharing.

It is ok to NOT share your experiences at all until you feel called.

It is OK to share them immediately with your spiritual bestie(s).

It’s helpful to welcome new people into your life that align with your spiritual interests. YES, it is so important to have another human (or a few) to share with where you can both hold space, get excited, and give hugs as you both journey through your own inner spaces and spiritual awakenings. 

It is ok to feel disconnected from certain people in your life. It might be fleeting, or not. Sometimes we are meant to have space from someone. Remember it is isn’t just about you. It is about them as well, so it will serve the highest good if you set that intention and go with your own guidance. 

It is ok to have people in your life that you love and that wouldn’t get any of the stuff you are experiencing spiritually. You can still love each other and also know that you serve specific needs as friends or family.  You can honor that relationship and keep the boundary that spiritual conversation isn’t going to happen.  

You can be you and they can be them.  I don’t know about you, but I have ZERO desire to argue or convince people of my spiritual beliefs and experiences. This wasn’t always the case. In the past, I wanted validation from people. This meant I was, at times, in the energy of needing to defend or explain myself.  I eventually came to a place where I realized that I didn’t need anyone’s validation, and also that NO ONE could take away what I knew to be true in my being.

Once I really knew and embodied that, I didn’t feel like I needed to be understood. Sometimes, I still cycle through a layer of this to be cleared with certain specific people, however, I am very grounded in my own knowing. Therefore I have no desire to engage in a conversation that I know would head into arguing mode. It just doesn’t excite me. I have no desire to change another’s path either. We all find our way in our own way.

Allow yourself to feel and be different. If you resonate with being a lightworker than you probably believe we have been here many many lifetimes. Lightworkers, intuitives, empaths, seers etc have been persecuted in the past for their differences. The desire to hide and protect our spiritual differences runs deep. What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Small talk sucks, but what do we do? I honestly still struggle with this one. I have felt many times in the past that I have literally nothing to say in certain situations (insert cricket sounds). Maybe you are a really comfortable conversationalist or maybe you aren’t. A good thing to remember is that naturally and energetically with some people things will flow really easily and others’ it won’t. It is good to remember and honor that. It isn’t judgment on you are them. It just IS….vibrationally.

Stay in your own energy and decide how you want the socialization to go, then have a few questions in your head to ask others, alongside thinking of a few things to share with people. This way you have some points to fall back on that aren’t in the lines of  “I have a headache today and I am still unsure if it was something I ate, my recurring injury, ascension symptoms, upgrades in my energy field….” cue glazed look in someone’s eyes.  

There are many times I have said “Good” when asked how I have been…but if the right person asked who knew me deeper I would prob ramble on about the recent spiritual insight, shift, and struggle I was going through.  It is a hilarious and frustrating predicament to be in.

Or you can just go all “Jim Carrey” on everyone, and then everyone will think you are insane…You get to decide…. Note: This is a joke, I love Jim Carrey and how he is sharing his own spiritual experiences with the media. I find all the talk of him being insane humorous.

In the end, give yourself permission to do YOU in whatever way you feel called to! 

I hope this helps a bit, is even a little inspiring, and at the very least, reminds you that you aren’t alone in all of this, spiritual weirdo, you are not alone.  


Until Next time,


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