1: Humans benefit from thinking a little less.

Humans think too much. We all know this on some level. Thinking is awesome and makes us a very unique species. However, our thoughts do get in the way when they are a constant, all the time chatter. We need SPACE. Glorious space in our lives on many levels.  In our mind, we need tmomentary pauses.

If you find this to be a large task, try not to make such a big deal about it. Can you take a breath during your day? Stop what you are doing for 2 minutes and just observe your surroundings? Relish in the moment for a moment? These habits really do wonders for our excessive thoughts. Of course carving out 5 minutes or more of meditation regularly is also great.  But then comes the little moments of space that are so needed, because if you just start again with the chatter right after meditation and never stop until your next meditation session…….you are running that hamster wheel without a break.

The SPACE is where you can consciously feel and know your connection, communion, and communication with source.

2: Get into your body more.

We experience way more in the present moment when we are inhabiting our bodies. Our PRESENCE is felt in our bodies and the extension of our energy field. Balancing out the excessive thoughts with a little more body presence goes a long way.

There are so many body-focused things that can help, but what it comes down to, is breathing and feeling your body. Whatever gets you there…..

If you are clairsentient and empathic, this rings true even more. Sometimes being so sensitive in the “feeling” way can actually cause us to leave our bodies more out of necessity from the sheer overwhelm and magnitude of what is being felt all the time. Getting INTO your body is actually the start of taking command of all of this and defining boundaries.

3: Ask for clear guidance and connection and then wait for answers.

Clarity is really helpful when having communication and connection with source.  Ask the question. “I want a clear connection with source. Show me something obvious and easy.”  Make it your words.

The second part is remembering to wait for the answer. Sometimes people forget this part. It is like the equivalent of asking someone a question and then asking it over and over and over without stopping to wait for the response. Ask and surrender. Let there be an open space for the answer or feeling to come through.  

4: You are enough.

Remind yourself that you are more than your current ideas of who you are. Our definitions of who we are, are so incredibly limited.  The more we think a little less, get into our bodies more, and communicate clearly, the more we start to FEEL AND KNOW that we are source incarnated.  

I truly hope that you are finding your way on your journey…….


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