1: You are more aware than you think. Our overthinking does get in the way, but we are more aware than we realize. We are always processing information and energy all the time. We learn to get better at being consciously aware of it, even though it is still happening. WOO HOO you are more aware than you think!

2: You do more than you realize: You certainly do more than you give yourself credit for.  This is so typical, right? When we take pause and notice what IS working and what IS beautiful, we can easily adjust the filter of how we are viewing our lives.  We are all creators and are creating constantly because it is what we do and it is glorious! WOO HOO you are doing more than you realize!

3: You are more loving than you realize:  Yes, you might already know this, but for those that don’t, here’s the reminder. Many times we shut down because we feel so much and don’t know what to do with all the feelings. However, there is still “loving” happening….it might just be covered or masked by your own protection mechanisms.  WOO HOO you are more loving than you realize!

4: You are cooler than you realize: HAHA YES you are! You know what? Most people can appear massively cool on the internet. With the right creative eye and words, anything can become cool, but here is the perspective I want to share. It isn’t that they aren’t really cool and they are just amping it up. They ARE cool and showing you their coolness in a way that relates the coolness to you. So what if you could see yourself through the filter of coolness? WOO HOO you are cooler than you realize! (I am also noting that cool is not as cool of a word as it used to be)

5: You are more infinite and powerful than you realize. This is a biggie. I know I have said it many times before and I will say it many times again. When you have those quieter moments with yourself where things seem to make sense, where your presence is more obvious, those are your awarenesses of your infinite power. Yeah, it takes some remembering, but it is worth every moment of spiritual inner introspection, “work” and healing/ clearing to really know know know it inside yourself.  

SO there are my 5 brought to you as a silly, inspiring little piece for you. I hope you cracked a smile reading this…..

At the heart of it, this human experience can be fabulous, and also crazy hard. Sometimes we just need a good little breather and a smile to put things in perspective. I truly wish that you feel your own presence, your own inner knowing and follow your path as you journey on.




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