Looking out into the world can be an interesting experience. This is a piece that I know many people struggle with, so I wanted to give you my thoughts…

You can’t save everyone.

When I say that, does it make you feel relief? Annoyed? Something else? I hope this helps you on your journey.  I hope you can take this into your heart and feel FREEDOM from reading it.  

Here we go….

Living from your own guidance serves all. When we live from our guidance we are living from deep knowing. Our deep knowing KNOWS. We aren’t here to figure out everyone else’s lives. All we can do is live from our own INSIDE space. Sometimes we will feel compelled to “help” people and sometimes we won’t. It is our human mind’s ideas of what we should and shouldn’t do that creates a struggle inside with ourselves about that decision.

“I don’t feel called to do anything, but I’ll feel bad if I don’t.”  Sound familiar?

If we could accept and own that living from our own guidance is really all we can do, we would find peace.

Here are some main points to all of this….

We help people in ways we don’t know.

Just being ourselves we affect others. We all do it. We are all existing together and a simple smile can be impactful. But it’s more than that. Just showing up serves the whole.  We are vibrational, and more is happening than we can really explain or fathom, and we don’t need to. We resonate with certain people and not with others. It’s all ok and just how it is.  

One person can’t be involved in EVERY cause or issue out there.

Our energy is powerful and can span far and wide and we are part of the web of energy of ALL THAT IS. However, as humans, we can’t “hands in the dirt’ be involved in every cause. We might care and have an opinion, but there is only so much tangible helping we can do.  What if you could own that you only feel called to be involved in certain causes and not involved in others?

Believing that you are the main channel for other people’s manifestations is extremely off-kilter and false. Let it go.

What if you can’t, didn’t or won’t help someone else? Does that mean they won’t get help then? No. To believe we are the only channel for someone to receive help is acting as if YOU are their connection to source. To think they can’t manifest their own creations without you is a highly destructive thought process that just causes pain.  There are infinite channels for all of our manifestations.  So if you aren’t called to get involved, know that more is going on. It is not just about you.

Our human minds can’t possibly fathom all the possible scenarios of how things are meant to work out for another person (or ourselves really).

There have been times where I wasn’t feeling called to contact a friend. One time, it went on for a while. If I went with my mind, I would have contacted them out of guilt, but I didn’t.  I went with my guidance. I was going through my thing, and as I found out later, that friend was going through her thing and needed to be in her own cocoon.  So it wasn’t just about me on my end, it was both of us. I read the energy for what it was, and she wanted space. This is what I mean. We just can’t figure all this out. When it was time to chat again, we did.

Let me give you some other linear examples to help bring this point home:

-What if you saw someone on the street begging, but you didn’t have anything to give or didn’t feel compelled to? What if right behind you was someone who was supposed to connect with that person. AND What if that person, felt deep heart-centered love and compassion to help, instead of burden or guilt?

-What if you are deeply called to someone in a room to talk to. You have an amazing conversation, and find out later in the conversation that it helped and uplifted that other person very much. Did he/she need 10 people talking to them? No, they needed you. One person.

-What if you could sit back and observe a situation, not feel compelled to help in any specific way but hold energetic space (if that)  and continue to see that the situation got handled and taken care of anyway?

-NOT feeling called to help? What if that meant the person or persons who are meant to help had an open space and clear passageway to do so?

-What if a friend text or called you at a moment when you really needed it? How beautiful is that? And vice versa.

-What if “help” comes in all different and unexpected ways?

Feeling like we have to save people is a disempowering mindset.

Each person can find their own way. This doesn’t mean they don’t need help. We all do. However to take on the responsibility to be their inner guidance, their mind, their emotions, is a job you will never win at or be good at. If you remember that they are their own beings with their own guidance and connection to source, it will take a lot of pressure off of you.

The energy of helping and fixing people isn’t holding space. It’s actually getting in the way.

This is an energy and not about what you do. Helping people is beautiful. Allowing them to be THEM and you to be YOU is knowing they are powerful inside themselves just as you are. Holding space is about giving another the energetic space to process and be themselves without the interference of someone who is well meaning, but trying really hard to fix them. Holding space can be in any form.  It isn’t about what you are doing but where you are coming from internally.  

Feeling guilt that you should be doing more is about shoulds and judgement and not about you living from your empowered knowing.

These are external beliefs taken on by other people and society as a whole. It’s also about how you think you might appear to others. “Will they think I’m doing enough?”

Trying to make everyone happy is about you and not about them.

It’s a nice idea to think of everyone being happy, but guess what? Everyone isn’t always going to be happy. We are meant to feel a full spectrum of human emotions. Yes, we can choose to hang out in the feel-good feelings more but when we flow with all our feelings we are free. If you want everyone to be happy, look deeper. “What makes me uncomfortable with others not being happy?” I am sure you will discover some interesting things especially if you are an empath.

We learn from all our experiences. We can’t control others’ lives or inner state. What if you could hold space for others who aren’t happy without taking their heaviness on or feeling like you have to change it? What if you could be happy even if other people aren’t happy?

Who you ARE, is enough. Not what you do.  What if it is just about you living your truth?

The biggest piece is that we have to take care and save ourselves to be someone who can help others. If we don’t have fuel in our tank from self care, we run out of steam pretty quickly.  Just like a car. If you run it on “E” for too long, it will eventually stop.  So will you.  

Put the oxygen mask on first then help others.  

I hope this inspired you…

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