Many times we are looking for the “burning bush” and it is right there in front of us whispering softly instead of creating a big old scene. What if we could follow that whisper? 

I have noticed with others and myself that we tend to want the complete 180-degree shift in an instant. Certainly, things can shift quickly, but there is still a gradual nature to it. Gradual fast, gradual slow, but gradual nonetheless. 

Many times our own inner guidance has been there all along showing us in many ways what our next step is. It will keep coming up in different forms until we notice…”hello, I am over here…” Whether we are asking for a different inner emotional state, something large and tangible in this world, or whatever else, it is the same process.

Often what gets in our way, is ourselves….of course, but we get in our own way specifically by thinking several steps ahead…then when we think it through we determine that it wouldn’t be a good idea “So forget it,” we might say to ourselves.

Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t think things through, but sometimes these simple nudges are just that. Simple, and we complicate it.  

Example: How about a nudge to start getting outside? Then the thoughts of, “but what if I can’t do it consistently? What if it gets too cold to go out? What if it rains? What if ?” Then you decide it’s not such a good idea to even start walking as a way to exercise and have a hobby.

There. It is squashed. But what if that nudge would have flowered into something else? What if that was just one step on a large staircase to a larger picture? You would never know if you didn’t follow that little nudge.

You get to determine what feels right. You know what nudges feel aligned with your highest good and resonant to you. So why not dare to follow that nudge?

Sometimes we fixate so much on the ultimate goal, that we forget that our own guidance will take us there, but not necessarily on the path our conscious thoughts think is best….

This concept comes up a lot with our emotional state. We don’t feel good, and we forget that the way to get to feeling good is to embrace where we are at wholeheartedly. Then the energy will shift.  Seems like going in the opposite direction to embrace sadness or fear, but in essence that IS the direction to where we want to be.

I bet you if you thought back, you would find many breadcrumb trails of how you got from one place to the next, not having much insight into where it was taking you in the moment.

When we follow those little whispers we might be lead to places we didn’t realize would be magnificent and beautiful. We are naturally always asking and desiring what feels good and now our job is to listen more to our INNER knowing.

For a while, I kept feeling like I wanted to do something with my hands. I love creating and felt that I wanted something I could do here and there that was no pressure and no expectation. So I would draw a little and tried a few other things, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

I kept getting the nudge to crochet. I did some knitting and crocheting earlier in the year in a class I took with my daughter. At that time, I remembered that I used to crochet (briefly) many years ago.  More recently, I kept getting the image of crocheting in my mind’s eye, but I was making excuses in my mind of why I shouldn’t start right now. I was making a mountain out of a molehill. Making it a big deal. When really my nudge was to find (in storage) or order some crochet hooks. That’s it.

One morning, I finally just said, ok I will order the hooks. That was the clear decision, which created an energy shift. Of course later that day at the grocery store, I run into the teacher of that class that I took earlier in the year with my daughter. She, of course, asked if I had been knitting, and I share with her that I was about to start crocheting again.

The next day I found all that I needed to start crocheting in a bin stored away from 15-20 plus years ago. Next? I just started. No big deal. I love it. 

The end of this story isn’t something grandiose. It is simply that I love to crochet. Some weeks I crochet more and some less, but it is always there for me when I desire a stitch or two.

 I have already made hats for 4 family members, I am making cute flower headbands for my daughter and me, and I LOVE searching crochet patterns on Pinterest. Just looking at the pictures makes me happy! My great grandmother crocheted a lot and so something about it brings me comfort and it really does fulfill my desire to do something with my hands, plus I have art I can wear. All these things fulfill me deeply and it all started with a whisper of wanting to do something with my hands.  

Even last night after a big 3-year-old tantrum, I felt like I just needed that outlet, and spent a few minutes crocheting before I went to bed. 

So what if the nudges and whispers are really leading to something that could be deeply fulfilling, just freaking fun in the moment or a longer breadcrumb trail to one of your ultimate goals?

What if you just noticed those gentle whispers, took a breath and danced with even just the idea a bit? What if?

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