It is one of those days where I am allowing time to feel slower and more spacious.  A couple of days ago, I chose to put some things aside for a few days, maybe a week. I chose to take a break. I needed to unload some mental baggage I was carrying around. I am a very practiced thinker, like most humans and I have learned to be a good focuser, and a FEELER too. However lately certain aspects of my life have been swirling around in my head almost like a snow globe.

What I always find so interesting is when the thoughts kick up, and the desire to keep many “to do list” items on my mind more frequently, I actually get less done. I know you can relate. Do you recognize this pattern in yourself? There is a tilting point where clarity turns to fuzziness as the thoughts continue to cycle. This is when getting stuff done doesn’t have a chance, in my opinion. AND it feels oh so unfulfilling to be in that space.
So I finally surrendered. I decided to put certain things aside for a little while and created space for inspired action. I will come back when I feel more inspired to.  The main thing for me, though is to enjoy the space…..

What have I been doing? Spending more time in bed. Relishing more. Letting go of having to get things done done done, because there is always stuff to get done! Giving myself permission to just do what feels good. Keep things simple.  

How is it working out you ask? Well a couple days in, I am inspired to write this to you!

We are always moving through new layers of these deep understandings. There are times when we do complete something for good! Don’t worry. Each time we address it, we see it more clearly.Also, the more we see the pattern, the more we become aware sooner as the pattern surfaces.

So during this end of year time, are you honoring yourself and your needs? You CAN give yourself permission to do so! We all can!


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