Exploration. A word I love and a word I want to share with you. What are the secrets of exploration?  What can exploration bring to our lives? A total perspective shift.  

A shift from everyday mechanical to do’s and humdrum movement and activities to…..EXPLORATION…..

Exploration….a way to open your focus and see things through the eyes of intrigue.

Exploration….a perspective that even the things you have done thousands of times can be interesting when you explore, discover and invite newness.

Exploration….a way to get out of boredom and repetitive blah blah blah.

Exploration….remembering you were once a child who saw things as interesting, new and curious to know more.

So would you like to hop on board of the exploration train with me? Here is your ticket..decide to explore. Decide to notice. Decide to focus on what you are doing. Decide to be intrigued. DECIDE.

I recently changed my gentle yoga class into a Movement + Yoga Exploration class. If you are local, you are welcome to join me (Amityville, NY)! It combines movement patterns, free movement, yoga and dance with a meditation at the end. It is accessible to all levels. 

Here’s one way to explore your body and your everyday activities.

Take an everyday activity- washing dishes, showering, driving, texting and explore how it feels. Are you comfortable physically when you do that? Are you uncomfortable? How could you adjust it to feel more comfortable? Are you tapped into your senses? Do you feel what you are doing? If it isn’t fun, how can you make it more fun in this moment right now?

Don’t make this too cerebral though. Let these questions sink into your being. Into your feeling. Into your awareness.

Explore what you are doing. Invite newness. Invite fun and enjoyment. Change it up. Let life be interesting.

I truly feel exploration of our bodies, our feeling awareness and how we live our lives is one of the most important and enlightening things we can do….being in our bodies brings us to direct communion with our own inner guidance and healing from a feeling and visceral level.

So what will you explore this week?

Love to you on your journey!

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