Sometimes we want something so bad but when it comes down to the wire, we don’t really know what we would do without our current paradigm. This happens to most people at some point or another, lovely human being.

Let’s take an example. You have been in shitty relationships for many years. You want something awesome- your awesome. Then things start to shift and you are excited. Maybe you become single, and now you are starting to meet people you really want to date, and you do, but it starts to get REAL and part of you is digging your heels in the dirt. WHY? What is going on? I thought I wanted this? Well these large paradigm shifts are just that -large to you.

Sometimes we have no idea who and what we will be without the old paradigm. What would it be like in a relationship without all the arguing and discordant energy? Or without the lack of love and affection? Or without the feeling of needing to grasp on to the person because if not, they might leave?

What fills that space WITHOUT that? It can be almost unfathomable.

The other day I was speaking with a dear dear friend who is a warrior of chronic pain and a beautiful soul. This song popped into my head as we were talking about her paradigm shifts with her pain. “God only knows what I’d be without you.” by The Beach Boys.

What would YOU be without a part of you that is no longer serving?

What can be helpful is to start to really FEEL and VISUALIZE how you would be without that. Not just to think “ I want to be rid of XYZ.” After you get rid of it, then what? What do you feel like? What do you do? How do you live? What do you fill your inner space with?

God only knows? No you know. You know because you are God/Goddess embodied. Because you have clear knowing when you know how to tune into it. Because you are brilliant. Because you can create it as you like. Because you are here to discover these things time and time again on this earth plane, Because you can. I believe in you.

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