Sometimes on our inner journey, we leave or lose aspects of ourselves that no longer serve where we are and where we are going. This transition has its share of emotions and phases. Like any death, there can be a deep sense of loss as you let go.  This is a good place to notice and be with. To stay with yourself as you let go of yourself. Dance with all the parts of yourself knowing some will no longer be around.

It is a mind-bending concept really. Losing yourself, yet you still are yourself, and you end up finding a deeper more aligned version of yourself right there with you.

Navigating it can be like a sailor on rough waters, and as the final letting go happens, the sea settles, and the sun glistens off the gentle waves, clouds gone, and on the horizon, you see clearly that there is limitless potential for where you can go. There you are. Right there.

So if this is you right now. I salute you on your journey. I have been experiencing the same transition. As the gentle music played in the background, I danced with myself one last time before she/I left. As tears rolled down my face I wished her well. I knew she was going where she wanted to go, into complete unity with the one.  Yet I retained all aspects of me, releasing the limitations that no longer served. This is the journey. There I am. Right there. And there you are.

Love to you.


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