The 2 solid feet commitment is when the magic happens. 

Two feet on the same boat, on the same shore, on the same ground is a full commitment to what you are doing and who you are. When one foot is on the dock and the other is on the boat, things are at a standstill. There is a hesitancy for either direction, whether the empowered choice is staying on the dock and waving the ship goodbye or being on the ship and waving goodbye to those on the dock and land.

What happens in a vibrational way, when one foot is on the dock and the other is on the boat, is there is a mixed frequency. Almost everyone has mixed frequencies at least in some areas of their lives. We are always learning and growing, and through that process of embodying new vibrations and letting go of old, there are mixed frequencies. That is the natural transition from one to the other.

What I want to possibly help you with, at this moment in time, is committing to yourself 100%.  

You see, the human spirit craves freedom. So to commit to anything else first we must commit to ourselves because really committing to anything that we love to do, or want to create IS a commitment to ourselves. So commitment isn’t an act of bondage to anything or anyone, it is an act of radical empowerment of your spirit.

We as humans externalize our power so often, that when some people hear the word commitment, it can bring memories of being forced into a paradigm that didn’t resonate or ring true to them, whether that be through society, school, religious or spiritual paths, or any other organizations.

Committing to yourself is a whole different thing. Committing to who you are, what you desire and what you need is a marriage to yourself. You won’t always do it perfectly and you certainly will “cheat” on yourself from time to time, but that is the process of life.

First comes the decision.

Then comes the aligned action.

Then comes fulfillment like no other.

ALL equalling a magical experience.


Part of committing to yourself might be committing to more self-care, to a hobby or creative passion you want to manifest, a business idea, or anything else that comes from your heart.  Then you will be inspired to take action, which can mean working with someone, taking a class, going to a store, reaching out to someone etc but remember it is a commitment to you, those things and people are part of YOUR  journey.

Being yourself in the world is one of the most fulfilling things.

It is a decision to step onto the dock OR onto the boat and not straddle between them. Straddling can get really uncomfortable, it keeps a sense of stagnancy in your energy field which doesn’t allow energy to move and things to manifest.  

I have does this myself. I have waited to feel validated before I did something, I have hidden aspects of myself as to worry what others’ might think, and I have straddled to the point of frustration.  

I have been there. The journey to commitment is a process, but if you feel stuck like nothing is moving, then you are likely straddling instead of transitioning to your commitment.  

When you fully commit to yourself, you tell the universe that you are ready. Your vibration dictates it. You decided and so it is.  So is it magic? Not really, but it sure seems like it because things start falling into place, and moving quickly.

That magic is available to everyone.

Let me know what you think about commitment….comment below!

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