I honor your process and your journey wherever you are right now dear soul. This journey here on earth isn’t for the faint of heart and being a Lightworker is a powerful role to take on. 

I am holding space for your magnificence. Seeing another person’s awesomeness allows me to witness the intense unfolding of our human lives as one part of a bigger picture. It allows me to help find clarity in the chaos and direction in the storm. I know you have this ability to SEE too.

Let’s dive into the first 2 Empath Myths: 

Myth #1:  It’s an Empaths job to take on other people’s energy for the other person to heal and have well-being.

As an Empath, you might be reading this saying “Oh no I don’t think that.” But do you? If you dig deeper inside your own paradigm would you find this to be true? Are you living through this in some way? I get it if you feel resistance to that statement. I also get it if you are totally owning that you feel this is true.

The thing is dear Empath, you have done the job you came here to do for the duration of time it was meant to be.

Now is the time to shine.

To spread your wings and fly.

To help in a different way.

HOW? Vibrational leadership. To be the lighthouse. To allow yourself the energetic freedom from others’ energy so you can lead by vibrational example.

MYTH #2: Having an open heart/heart-centered is the same as having an energetic hole in your heart chakra/energy field.

This one might not be so obvious to you, dear Empath. It wasn’t always to me and when I had this profound insight it was very surprising!

The idea of compassion and love for others is misconstrued with being intertwined with others energy for many Empaths. Having an opening in your heart space for other people’s energy to enter and take space up isn’t YOU centering on your POWER. It’s damaging to your field, painful, overwhelming and draining. Plus LOVE doesn’t feel free-flowing and abundant. It can get heavy and sad in that gorgeous heart space you have.

Dear one I understand the suffering and I’m here to tell you embodying your own unconditional love, the love that is through you, all of you, is not that. NOPE.

This is a profound area I work with Empaths specifically with as a Transformational Intuitive Mentor.

I’m here to assist my Empath sisters and brothers move energetic bondage to freedom and make a massive impact in this world as they desire. But mostly to live free, have delicious moments lived and create their lives as they so desire with the full embodiment of WHO THEY ARE. And THAT feels amazing!

This is completely possible for you. It’s more than possible it is absolutely positively your right. Reach out to me to find out more about working with me! 

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