Letting go can happen at any moment. But sometimes because there’s so much built up momentum in the grasping and clinging you need to give yourself the GRADUAL time to let go. ⁣

Like the dimmer on the lights. The trick is the more that you push to force yourself to full letting go like a light switch in one second, the more you will feel the resistance and rebounding right back to the old familiar grasping. ⁣

The internal struggle of this can last as long as you continue to use the same “trying” and force to get yourself surrender. It doesn’t make sense right? Forcing a surrender? Trying hard to surrender? The feeling of surrender is a letting go. Like relaxing into your bed, or taking a sigh of relief.

Look at it as a dance. Give yourself the “whole song” to get there. With each breath, letting go a little more and a little more until you find yourself in a space of full surrender. ⁣ Take a moment to acknowledge with your thoughts and words that it is OK to be where you are at. This acceptance softens the resistance.

Surrender is the most powerful space you can exist in because now you aren’t grasping to outcomes from a place of control or fear. You can create from your inner power which is unlimited and vast. ⁣You can spend more time enjoying the present moment, and you can let go more of the plaguing thoughts of all the responsibilities you have, and be more in the NOW.

YOU can take care of your life and create your life from the NOW moment.

You will not allow important things to just deteriorate. In fact, mental clarity and purpose come FROM the letting go. You can create ALL that you desire from letting go. That is being in command not in control. Control is gripping and grasping, commanding is existing in a powerful place of your own choices. The things you desire the most become clear when we let go. Your inner guidance is RIGHT THERE. Your heart’s callings and your desires are RIGHT THERE.

Everything I do with my clients is about helping them come INTO themselves to that space of surrender. That is where all the answer that they seek lies. That is where their embodied knowing is.

One way to let go is through our bodies. Our bodies are so good at releasing and letting go. Our bodies give us so many ways to release trapped emotions, pent up energy and trauma through tears, laughter, all different variations of breath, movement, stretch, sweating, and more.

We just need to get out of our own way to allow that natural flow of moment to moment release and letting go to happen. It really is all right there for you. You aren’t broken, even if you feel like it. You aren’t fragmented. You have all that you need, you just might require some support, laser-focused intuitive healing work, guidance and someone who can hold space at the highest level.

It is easy to get lost in our day to day stuff. It happens! But with someone at your side, a text away, between sessions, you wouldn’t stay lost for very long.

Meet me here, right now. If your heart calls you forward to discuss working with me….WORK WITH ME

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