I want to share the stretch I was doing at the park today while having fun with my 5-year-old and husband…but what I really want to say is that in every moment there is everything you want and desire.

It isn’t out there. It’s right here.

Your inspired action to your next creation, your desired inner state, the power that you have, it’s all right here.

Some aspects of your thoughts might tell you that you have to be somewhere else to get something or you are incomplete in some way and you have to continue on a never-ending path to completion.

But here’s the truth. You are absolutely complete right now. There is endless depth and expansion to who you are.

I love being aware of how I am existing in my body. How I feel at any given moment. What positions I am in. The magnificent intricacies that allow for smooth movement and function.

I feel best when I am more in my body, feeling, living and existing from this place as opposed to more “mind” focused. All mind without body feels tiring and draining to me yet I’ve lived in that space many times before.

In every moment a breath can be taken.

A deeper feeling and attention to the inner landscape can happen.

A reaffirmation that’s all your answers lie right there inside. That your powerful presence is not out there but right here.

And from that space of your embodied presence so many things can be shifted and created.

Whether you are at the park, at work, in the car, or anywhere else, it is all right here.

You might still believe that where you need to be is somewhere out there. Like a nightclub that you keep hearing about that’s the new hot spot. The one you can faintly hear the music of when you drive close enough.

Yet I’m here to tell you and YOU are the damn nightclub. Own it.

Getting back to the myofascial release stretch I mentioned:

To do a Myofascial stretch which releases restrictions and pain through the body, you want to approach it much differently than the way you would do a more dynamic stretch. These stretches are held for at least 3 minutes. They are done with a lot of awareness, gentleness, softening and surrender. You give your body the space and sustained stretch to release over several minutes and you will feel sensations in all different places and in ways you might not have before.

This partially hanging stretch is done with support. I allowed myself to hang as much as it felt right for me.

I started on my toes (first pic) and after a little bit, I was flat foot as my body lengthened (second pic). I felt it all through my arms and trunk and even farther down.

You would need to adjust the intensity depending on the height of what you are holding by either bending your knees or spreading out your feet if the bar or handle is lower than you want. You can angle yourself like the other photos to get different aspects of your body 3 and 4 pics).

Myofascial release and stretches have been so integral to my journey over the past 13 years. These deeper releases tend to be a missing piece for people. The depth of openness is so powerful for so many reasons.

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