There is nothing to search for it is all right here and right now. In this moment. It is all right here. Don’t believe me? Yes, you will think that it is somewhere else. But it is truly ALL right here. In this moment right here, right now.

There is no need to wait for anything. The concept of waiting is expecting something in the future. The energy of waiting is keeping all the present moment wondrousness at bay for a future point in time when you think all will actually manifest and become available to you, but this is a lie.

Yes, we “wait” in life in a very tangible sense. We technically wait on line to check out. We wait in traffic to get somewhere. But are we really “waiting?” Or is “waiting” a state of mind? Because while you are “waiting” on that line, there is so much happening right there in your environment, in your mind, in your body and experienced through your senses. There is so much to take in, to experience and to create right now. You can think all different thoughts, you can shift your inner state, you can see and feel and touch and breathe. You can converse, connect and relate to someone. You can have a huge epiphany while “waiting” in traffic.

So are we really “waiting” ever? Or is “waiting” a state of mind, being, and energy that just doesn’t serve us? Is “waiting” a partial quarantine of all the beauty and possibility of this moment right now?

Yes, it is. It most definitely is. Don’t wait. The future never comes, the now is always here. Create it now. Be it now. Embody it now. Relish in it now. Embrace it now. Feel it now.

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