Who you think you should be in your mind is not the same as the embodiment of WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE. 

When you sit deeper into your heart space and into your body and “know” your deeper wisdom, the person who you are and the person who you know you have the potential to be is your truth. You might KNOW, for example, that you are here to be a performer, and that desire comes from a deep place. 

You see yourself in front of others being the full embodiment of WHO YOU ARE. Maybe you have actualized this already or maybe not. Your path is to continually grow into YOU in each moment as you become the performer you know you are. 

Then there’s the concept of who you should be. This comes from an aspect of your mind’s ideas that are about who you THINK you SHOULD be, should have been already, or should become. 

What is the difference?

The place of “shoulds” comes from ideas and concepts from outside yourself like society, family, friends for example that you have taken in as something to live by. The “shoulds” aren’t freeing, they are limiting, enclosing you in a box of set ideas aren’t about who you really are and what you really want in the present moment.  

Not all outside ideas are limiting of course, but the ones that hold us to rigid concepts that don’t serve us or that don’t evolve with us become our prison.

The parent I thought I would be was not the parent I actually was once I had my daughter. 

I knew from the deepest place inside of me that I wanted to be a parent but the expectation of who I thought I should be in that role, but wasn’t, caused me a lot of pain. It wasn’t freedom at all, it was a painful place to live in. A place of self-judgment where many of my actions weren’t living up to my own expectations. 

It took a lot of inner work to accept who I actually was and release some of the hard-pressed concepts of who I thought I should be. 

Now, every day as a parent I make the decision to be who I actually am from my innermost space and reaffirm that who I am as a parent is exactly who I am supposed to be. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t want to work on, adjust, tweak and change certain things in our day to day living or in how I parent. It just means that I choose to be ok with and honoring of ME. 

This concept applies to any area of someone’s life. Every human has taken on ideas and concepts of who they think they should be. Some of these concepts might be a wonderful fit, but others aren’t. 

It takes a choice to go within and listen to what you really want, who you really are and what you really desire. The amazing part is that the depth of who you are and the knowledge you can discover about YOU is endless. 

And there is only one YOU in all the world and the joy and fulfillment that comes from the full embodiment and expression of “who you are” is unparalleled.  

We take in all sorts of information from our lives and it is up to us to discern what is our truth and what is not. To discern what resonates and what doesn’t. To decide what action to take and which not to.  

Just because you keep seeing something show up in your life, doesn’t mean you are meant to do, be or create that. Sometimes it shows up for you to realize it is NOT for you.  

It is time to revolt the ideas inside yourself that say you need to be a certain way.  Because we didn’t come here to be who someone or many “someones” thought we should be. We came here to be who we really are. 


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