Right now you are being asked to diverge from an aspect of yourself that no longer serves your current consciousness. You are also being asked to converge with a higher aspect of yourself. 

Who are you being asked by? Yourself. 

Here is how it might be playing out for you. You feel that certain things in your life no longer work or resonate for you. Are you allowing them to leave? Or are you struggling with the letting go? 

At the same time you are feeling desires that are coming forth from within that you can’t seem to deny or put on the back burner anymore. Some are new desires and some have been whispering to you for a while.  

Whether you are struggling or flowing or at times both, it is all ok.  You are where you are. Bringing further awareness to where you are right now will help so keep reading. 

The old aspects of self I am speaking of are actions that you take in your life or a state of being. Really it always starts with a state of being that then translates to action but let’s put that to the side for now. 

Here are some concrete examples: 

Old aspect of self: Not fully owning your needs and desires. 

New Higher aspect of self: No longer tolerating certain ways of being and fully owning your needs and desires. 

Maybe you do honor your needs to a certain point, but that is no longer cutting it as it used to. You feel the pull to honor your needs and desires more fully and embody a deeper sense of your own power and boundaries.

Here is another example: 

Old aspect of self: Eating foods and drinks that don’t make you feel good in your body and beating yourself up for your choices. 

New Higher aspect of self: Listening to what your body asks for and eating from that place along with dropping the guilt of the enjoyment of the foods you love. Also, embodying a more feeling based approach to eating as opposed to a thinking based approach.

One more example: 

Old aspect of self: Your general state of emotion/being is feeling moderately ok, blaise, cranky sometimes and mildly unclear on what you are feeling when and why.

New Higher aspect of self: Knowing that you can and want to create the feel of joy, gratitude, freedom and sparkly clarity in your life more often. That you want more and that is perfectly fine. 

Of course your version will be unique to you.

Sometimes even if things in our life or state of being no longer serve us we still grasp onto it because it is familiar.

 It is like that old faded misshapen shirt with holes that you don’t want to part with because of the memories but you really don’t wear it and you want to free yourself from seeing it in your drawer all the time…yet you also feel bad about letting it go….yet you don’t like it as much as you used to…yet you don’t want to get rid of it because what if one day you really want it?…Yet you want to wear a new shirt and not that old thing anymore….yet what will people think if I get rid of it?….

Everyone has gone through those inner struggles as we transition from one place to another. Like stretching out your one foot as you approach the next stepping stone.  It can feel unnerving and unsettling yet on some level you KNOW it is where you need to go even if another part of you is questioning your choice to death.  

I just want to say that I understand where you are at. I am going through my own shift as are you.

If you are finding yourself irritated and annoyed more often lately, take a deeper check in with where that is coming from. What are you REALLY frustrated about? Is there an old shirt folded in your draw that is pissing you off?

It is time to really be with yourself and the simplest way to do that is to spend some quiet space breathing slowly and deeply and feel your body and your moving breath. Notice everything with how you feel. Then if you can, allow your body to gently and easily soften as you exhale. This physical relaxation is a profound way to tune into yourself for all sorts of clarity. 

Stay the course. Go with where you are drawn to from your heart and your inner space even if it doesn’t make sense logically. Realize that those old aspects of self that tell you you can’t have what you desire are just an aspect of you and not your TRUTH. Allow yourself to breathe and let go of the old and embrace the new.  

When you find yourself resisting, take a breath and find a way to follow your unique path of least resistance. 

On the other side, there will be clarity, presence, joy and the realization that you just went through a major shift.

If you need help through your transition, that is what I do best. I can read/feel/know where you are at, what your sticking points are and how to help you artfully navigate through and out. 

Contact me to find out more.

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