I love Supporting Lightworkers, Spiritual Seekers, Empaths (and the like) on their journey of awakening to who they really are.

I am here to help other lightworkers own their light, be their light and live from their light.


What if we all knew our true callings, our mission and purpose, and our reasons for being here now in this life?


What if we moved forward, creating, embodying, and radiating who we are?

I know you ….whether you are just starting to awaken to who you really are, or if you are more seasoned on your journey. Either way “this ain’t our first rodeo.” Nope, you have a knowing inside of you that is there to be accessed and the time is NOW.  

You want to shine your light, feel empowered and vibrant in your energy field and your body, and able to show up in your life in your own unique way.

You feel called to something bigger, have a deep desire to help, and want to change the world in your own way.

But you aren’t fully accessing your highest knowing and purpose and that means you might not feel useful, purposeful and fulfilled in your life.

You sometimes feel adrift at sea, drowning in the waves of energetic and empathic overwhelm, lack clarity in the knowing of who you are, and feel alone.  

You sometimes struggle with feeling different, feel unfulfilled and frustrated like there must be more, and feel like you are in spiritual hiding.  

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Energy worker and Spiritual Teacher who has many many years of education, personal and professional experience,  I help Lightworkers like you:

-Own their Sovereignty: Understand and embody their own energy field, personal power, and higher knowing

-Deal with energetic and empathic overwhelm and understand the mind body energy emotions consciousness connection

-Create foundational and essential energetic rituals and self-care that fits their lifestyle.

-Understand and hone their intuitive gifts in a way that serves them.

-Follow their own path as a lightworker and a unique human, and express their purpose and passion in the most authentic way.

I believe that one person owning their light is infinitely more powerful than many many many who are not.

So when you own your light, you naturally influence those around you, humanity, and the earth and find rapture, radiance, and realness in your moment to moment experience. Basically everything us lightworkers desire!

When you work with me, I am deeply committed to supporting, holding space and encouraging you on your journey. As a person who grew up with parents who are deep spiritual seekers, being involved in a community of yogis, starting my own “adult” spiritual awakening journey at 19, becoming a Massage Therapist, learning Myofascial Release and the knowing of the mind body energy emotions connection, working with many many clients since 2006, teaching yoga meditation, spirituality, learning Marconic energy, and on and on, I have a full spectrum approach to this human-divine experience on earth.

My main purpose is to help you commune with your own highest knowing. I am not here to “fix” you because you are not broken. Holding space for someone, and seeing them for the beauty and light that they are is a paradigm shift for all involved. It transforms and expands. I will encourage you to own, embrace and release your darkness as it surfaces so you can more fully embrace your light. I will meet you where you are at with love and understanding for this incredible human journey that is full of ups and downs. I will nudge you to feel, think and become larger and more powerful.  

By the time we finish working together, you will know yourself more intimately and powerfully.


If you want Lightworker self-care and ritual resources to support you on your journey to become more energetically empowered and grounded……

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Here’s more about me..I know you want to “know” and “see” me because you know that is how we lightworkers operate….

I am deeply interested (obsessed) in how we all experience our inner world and outer lives on a moment to moment basis. I can get borderline obsessive about this conversation.  

As a deeply intuitive, empathic, sensitive soul I can’t help but have an insatiable desire to know what makes people tick. I love seeing people inspired and lit up from the inside about something they love or are passionate about.

I have had the interesting experience of growing up around people deeply seeking spiritual understanding and enlightenment. My parents started practicing yoga and meditation as students of a female Guru before I was born.  It certainly was a different experience from many others my age. I got asked the question “are you Catholic or Jewish” when I was young, and I would have to shyly say that I was brought up with yoga which isn’t a religion, but a way of life. Most would look at me like I had 3 heads.  Yoga was not cool then over here on the East coast of the USA in the 80’s and 90’s. Now when people ask when I started practicing yoga I usually say jokingly “in the womb.”

I am grateful for my upbringing and appreciative for my loving and supportive parents who I am very close with and for their dedication to their own spirituality. I had taken many yoga classes and been involved with our yoga community during my early years, but at 19 I started what I call my “adult” journey out of feeling anxiety my first year in college.  It was different that time around, and I was more interested and committed to what I was doing. During that time, I got interested in energy, and the human body, so I decided to go to school for Massage Therapy.  I wanted to know more about  “what the eye couldn’t see.”  Honestly working with people 1-1 was a secondary reason to my intense desire to know more about who I was, why I was here, and what this was all about. Of course, I came to realize that working with people was very much part of my mission here which I love. 

In my last trimester of school, I learned about Myofascial Release, and I signed up for my first few seminars right away. John Barnes, founder of MFR spoke my language. I learned that my emotions were ok, and got to know the mind, body, emotions, energy consciousness connection. He was the first person talking about all of it. Not just the body, or the energy, but it all. I was hooked and kept taking courses, eventually instructing at his seminars, and of course evolving as I treated clients starting 2006.  I got into law of attraction too and really integrated all my knowledge and years of yoga, healing and spirituality together.  

There was a point though, that I must mention.There was a point where I stopped seeking outwardly and knew that the answers to my questions came from within. When I started Myofascial Release I started to actively develop my intuition.  This knowing of going inward for guidance, and clarity , I feel, is a never ending deepening and expanding journey. Whenever we think we know it all, there is soo sooo much more. Like many, my journey has accelerated over the past years.  I became a mama in 2014 and that brought so much transformation, and lots of deeper releasing of old paradigms of who I was.  I’m not going to lie, there were some tough times, and dark nights of the soul becoming a mama, understanding more of my empath nature, and learning to navigate it all.  At the same time, motherhood has been one of the most powerful, joyful, amazing experiences of my life.  

Like many of you, I have also felt acceleration in my spiritual growth and unfolding process in more recent times.  In 2016 I had another paradigm shift, and knew clearly that I was meant to help lightworkers. “Lead the leaders” I hear from my highest knowing quite often. I also have learned and opened up to the deeper knowing of ascension, our relationship to the galactics, other beings, and why we are here. Let’s just say, it has been a ride! “Weird” is the new normal! HA!

I was drawn to Marconic energy in 2016 through a friend, and in 2017 started taking courses. The path is unfolding flowing, and we are creating a new earth, a new life, and we are coming into our own divinity and sovereignty more than ever!

This is one thread of my journey, but a foundational one that will speak to those who are meant to read this. I have felt very different in my life, I have been in the spiritual closet in the past, and I now love and honor my unique expression. I love myself to pieces!

I am a Mama to a light beam of a toddler, a wife, a dancer, and a nature junkey (NOT the roughing it type). I am a Long Islander, no hiding my accent (NY USA is where that is)!

That about sums it up for now. I want to connect with you. If you want to connect with me, grab your FREE GIFT BELOW

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