Going Deep Within To Recharge

It is so important to re-center and retrieve your energy back to you, your body, your attention, and your consciousness.  It was day 5 of 6 of our family vacation. We had been spending a beautiful time with extended family, attending my cousin’s wedding,...

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Bask In Your YES.

Bask in your yes when you can fully allow what you want in. Bask in it. Lay in that gorgeous sun of YES and relish. It feels so good to know you can have what you desire whether that is an inner state you desire to embody, a type of success, a relationship...

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Empath Myths 3 and 4

The second part of my Empath myths discussion! (Myths 1 and 2 click here) I want to dispel these myths so my fellow Empaths can gain the clarity and the insight to release what isn't serving them. Because it is your time to fly! It is time to be fully...

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Empath Myths 1 and 2

I honor your process and your journey wherever you are right now dear soul. This journey here on earth isn't for the faint of heart and being a Lightworker is a powerful role to take on.  I am holding space for your magnificence. Seeing another person’s...

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