Empath Myths 1 and 2

I honor your process and your journey wherever you are right now dear soul. This journey here on earth isn't for the faint of heart and being a Lightworker is a powerful role to take on.  I am holding space for your magnificence. Seeing another person’s...

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When You Commit, Magic Happens

The 2 solid feet commitment is when the magic happens.  Two feet on the same boat, on the same shore, on the same ground is a full commitment to what you are doing and who you are. When one foot is on the dock and the other is on the boat, things are at a...

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Vibrational Alignment

The word alignment is definitely a buzzword, but what does it mean? I want to break it down and give you some insight. “Alignment: A position of agreement or alliance.“ Coming into alignment with your highest aspects, higher self, consciousness, God, the...

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Big Changes, Summer Solstice

As the summer solstice approaches on the 21st, many are feeling a lot of changes, shifts, and intense energy. This is normal right now. Much is happening collectively. We are purging what no longer serves us, being shown our next step, and possibly...

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Letting Go Of Yourself

Sometimes on our inner journey, we leave or lose aspects of ourselves that no longer serve where we are and where we are going. This transition has its share of emotions and phases. Like any death, there can be a deep sense of loss as you let go.  This is...

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Cosmic Love and Self Love

Having amazing expansive experiences with Cosmic Love (Unconditional, higher dimensional, love from source etc) is so important and necessary for us humans. Yet how do we then translate it to self-love? And what is the difference between the two? Watch...

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