Welcome,  Fellow Lightworker or Empath! I am Vanessa Uybarreta, Transformational Intuitive Mentor for Lightworkers and Empaths and I have a FREE class for you! Below.

For the next week only, I am offering 1 Hour Sessions which I usually don’t do. You can book a session with me through Monday, November 26!

I can help you FEEL, BE and EMBODY more fully WHO you are, your powerful gifts and your purpose! You are a vibrational leader, a light and a unique and powerful Lightworker here and now!

I can specifically help you with: 

All things Empath:

Taking on other’s energy.
Dealing with a specific relationship that is pulling at you.
Needing clarity on where your energy is sitting, what is happening and how you function as an energetic being and what your patterns are Empathically.
Finding more freedom in how you navigate life.
Claiming your inner space.
Spiritual hygiene that works for you: grounding, centering, clearing your field etc. 

-Wanting Massive Clarity: so you can move forward on your own path that is unique to you as a Lightworker or Empath. 

-Your purpose in your life as a lightworker, finding meaningfulness and fulfillment.

-You want to enter the holidays and the new year with tools to support you energetically and spiritually.


The Lightworker Toolkit is an hour plus class with:
Spiritual Hygiene
Morning  + Evening Rituals
Energy Check-Ins
Space Clearing
A Guided Meditation

These practices are absolutely ESSENTIAL and foundational for ALL Empaths and Lightworkers so you can be in command of your energy, how you relate to the world and OWN your boundaries so you can feel FREE and IN CHARGE of who you are….which makes it so much easier to listen to your OWN inner guidance, be the vibrational leader you are here to be, and create your life on your own terms!

WATCH NOW! click the pic to sign up!


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