The Time Is Now. You Are Meant To Shine.

Are you are able to show up and just be the light like you were meant to be?


Do you feel the beauty of your light, the vibrancy of your being and the fabulousness of your higher self/source communion?


Do you feel fulfilled living in your sense of purpose as a deeply intuitive, passionate and powerful light force in this world?

What I have found is that some lightworkers are shining and some are struggling. Hey, let’s be real, we all have our ups and downs, but there are many lightworkers spending a lot of time in empathic overwhelm, unclear on their purpose and passion as a lightworker and a human, and lacking self care that supports their beautiful light to shine bright. Lightworkers, regardless of  their professions, jobs, hobbies or lifestyles, without some core self care practices, a clear purpose and channel for their passions, and a deep connection to their own higher guidance can become lost, energetically overwhelmed and enslaved by their sensitivities.  Instead of being a lighthouse for the boats out to sea and for themselves, they become the drowning victim of the seas waiting for someone to save them.

In this time of accelerated spiritual growth and expansion in collective consciousness, lightworkers are feeling the call to help even more, but how? We are meant to just be the light. We literally show up, wherever we are, whomever we are with and ARE THE LIGHT.

This is primarily a beautiful way to live for our own benefit! We can be radiant and relish in our own light, and then very naturally our light helps others.  Others feel the vibration and either raise to it, or are triggered by it which aids in their healing.  Both are powerful and helpful. But lightworkers can’t do that when they are lost at sea. This isn’t about perfection. We are physical humans, however most lightworkers spend a ton of time dim. You need to know how to navigate your way out of your own darkness and find your power again and again. I am here to help you, beautiful lightworker!

I’m Vanessa Uybarreta, and I am a lightworker, empath, sensitive, intuitive just to name a few titles, as well as a mama, a wife, a dancer, a fun-haver, a relish’er of life and a nature junkey (Not the roughing it kind though).  I get high on seeing lightworkers step into their power. I got the call to help lightworkers even more than I already was, so here we are! I have been working with clients 1-1 since 2006 and take an integrated approach to our human experience.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive, I combine my education and experience of healing, the human body, emotional release, energy techniques,  intuitive healing, yoga and meditation to serve you at the highest level.  I know what it is like to feel lost at sea, in complete energetic overwhelm and searching for something intangible.


A 3 Month Journey Together which includes:

18 Lightworker Intuitive Sessions (6 per month, 1 hour each)  (over the phone).

These sessions are a combination of: –
Energy work (I connect deeply and treat your energy). I am the facilitator and have no agenda as to what is needed. It is all about my connection/centeredness with my higher self and guides and connecting with yours.

Some of the many things that can happen during our energy session is:

-Limitations/ past traumas come to the forefront to be cleared.

-Ascension Activations of your Chakras and your Body.

-Light Language Vibrations for healing and ascension/expansion.

-Opening up Your Crown for the higher light to come into your body and a deeper connection to mother earth.

-Communion with your Higher Self and Guides.

(When we connect deeply on this vibrational level, what is needed and meant to happen, will happen. Even though we have some specifics for our focused work together over the 3 months, when we deeply connect, what is needed for those specifics to come into focus.   I am an open presence and power. I have no agenda, and I am a facilitator for your process.  The main focus is your embodiment of your own empowerment and communion with your higher self so whatever is needed, will flow. It is an honor to work with you. )

Intuitive Reading– straight up guidance and awareness from intuition.

-Self Care Techniques: Body awareness, Meditation and Breathwork Techniques and everything else I have in my pocket!

-Mentoring/Coaching: We spend some of our sessions diving deep into your purpose, your self-care, your empath patterns and how you are showing up in the world.

Marconic Energy Sessions. The Marconic Session is done off the phone and then we schedule another time to connect after the session on the phone.

Lightworker Resources: downloadable meditations, courses, videos for you to deeply enhance your journey. You continue to get access even after the 3 months are over, so you will benefit and be supported by all the amazing additions now and into the future.  Woo hoo!

Text/Email support between sessions:  Our work together is powerful, and you can reach out at any time.

This is for Lightworkers who:

-Are ready to own their energy and their life. -Are committed to their journey, and ready to take care of themselves regularly. -Understand that “healing” and uncovering is a winding path, one where we see our limitations, feel them, move through them and set them free!

This is for you if: 

You are a lightworker who doesn’t know your purpose or passions at all and wants to get clear on them!


You are a lightworker who knows your purpose and passions (at least somewhat) but don’t feel fulfilled and in alignment with them due to your inner resistance/limitations holding you back!


You are a healer/healthcare professional lightworker and want to feel fulfilled and in alignment with the people you are meant to help and how you show up in your beautiful career overall!

What we are doing together for 3 months:

Each Person I work with will have their own unique needs and so our focus will shift accordingly. With a passion and a purpose as a lightworker, supportive and loving self-care and freedom from the empathic drain cycle, you, lightworker can be free, vibrant and empowered to live fully, feel fulfilled, and move about the earth in your own way that will amaze and enrapture your being.

Our focus is on:

-Lightworker Self Care.

-Tools to empower your empathic sensitivities.

-Clearing and Healing limitations that are holding you back from being the light at this time.

-Uncover your deeper purpose and passions in this world as a lightworker.

– If you are a Healer/healthcare Lightworker, making sure you are in alignment with the people you desire to work with and own your gifts.

This is all about:

-YOU being empowered as a lightworker so you can feel free from others energy, powerful in your body and vibrant in your being.

-YOU having foundational self-care to keep you light, bright and moving through your feelings/emotions/energy on a regular basis.

-YOU powerfully accessing your higher guidance to feel like you are “in the know” in your life and utilizing your powerful intuition as a lightworker helping others.

-YOU diving deep into yourself and understanding your patterns so you can transform and transcend and ascend.

What do you want to do as a lightworker? What is your purpose? What do you love? What are you excited about? What unique gifts are you meant to shine in this world? When you own your lightworker status and shine, your answers fall into place in right timing. What happens when you give yourself the support and care your spirit desires? Your inner state rapidly transforms and you can more easily be the powerful presence and love you know you are. Your intuition is clear and you are making choices form a very different place as before. We are meant to be in divine love and vibrancy and return there over and over again.  That’s the call of the lightworker! I am here to support you! I understand you, I know you, I am you! I only work with a couple Lightworker Imemrsion clients at a time so that I can give you the focus and energy that you desire!

3 Months: $4,444

Paid in Full or over 3 months (3 Monthly Payments of: $1,481)

(Free 30 minute session to see if we are a good fit to work together. This is a true session and you will benefit even if we don’t end up working together.)  Please book a Lightworker Intuitive session if you are truly interested in the Lightworker Immersion and can financially afford to work with me.


Vanessa is a gifted healer that I have had the honor of treating with now for 7 years! We met back in 2009, by chance through a trusted friend from PA school after I was injured from a motor vehicle accident in the midst of my studies.  I could not have gotten through my rigorous class schedule without her help treating me for chronic neck and back pain. During the course of our treatments, I began to truly learn about my body for the first time and understand the wondrous power of how my thoughts and emotions could manifest as physical pain…… Vanessa’s energy is clean and pure and I am grateful to have her as guide and light to navigate life’s peaks and valleys. I have learned so much from her throughout the years, but most importantly I learned that it is ok to feel!

Allison Shea


Vanessa has the ability to connect deeply with her patients on many levels.

Marisa Chadbourne