Awaken To Who You Really Are


Marconics is Multidimensional healing for the true evolution of Lightbody.

Experience the Evolution of Energy Healing!

For more information about Marconic Energy from the originators, check out their website.

Do you want to have more freedom and power in your current life and beyond?

Do you want to relish living from a place of inner knowing, guidance, and power and develop a deeper connection with yourself, integrate with your higher selves, and source?

Do you want to find peace, love, and awareness and expand your understanding of who you are as a divine being?

Marconics is here to help humans in our spiritual growth and ascension journey.  It is a powerful full spectrum energy that is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

If you:

Desire to accelerate your spiritual growth and ascension journey.

Desire to release and heal density/karma/trauma that is holding you back.

Feel stuck……

“We are here to assist your Ascension through the progressive integration of multiple Higher Selves, up to and including the Oversoul.”

Grace Elohim, Galactic Federation of Light.

The Marconic No-Touch  Protocol creates an opportunity for you to merge with higher aspects of Self –  essential for the Ascension as we evolve within and beyond the vibration of the 5th dimension.

Marconics enables you to:

• Communicate with your DNA
• Take Charge of your Personal Programs
• Accelerate your Evolutionary Process
• Discover your Life’s Purpose
• Align with your Higher Mission • Awaken Intuition/ESP Psychic Gifts
• Reclaim Hidden Talents & Skills
• Release Negative Pastlife Imprints

Marconics No-Touch Sessions

A Marconic No-Touch Practitioner is the bridge to higher vibrational frequency. By running Marconic Energy – encoded with Light Information – through selected points on your body’s own Axi-A-Tonal grid profound and spontaneous healing on all levels of the multi-dimensional body can occur.

• Marconics raises your vibration above the Fear frequencies of the third dimension, so you can access the frequencies of Pleiadian Love in the higher realms and come into alignment with your Higher Self, at Source.

• Marconics is achieving Ascension through the progressive integration of Higher Self energies, into the physical body. Each one introducing a higher vibration than the last.

• Recipients of Marconics continue to download upgrades into their new operating systems with every new wave of Ascension energy that hits the planet from the newly completed infrared system of space.

Marconic No-Touch Sessions (hands off) can be done in person and from a distance.

Marconics No-Touch: $100

Marconic Quantum Recalibration

“A Marconic Recalibration is a Human Upgrade, it re-tools the three-dimensional body to become multi-dimensional, able to experience, perceive and thrive in Higher Dimensions.”

Marconic Recalibration is a one-time procedure that permanently plugs you back into the Universal Matrix as the activation of your new Quantum Merkaba which powers your ability to travel, expanding your awareness and enabling you to create your new reality.

This connection will enable you to feed your new field indefinitely as you strengthen the grids in the re-evolved time matrices which in turn feed your merkaba, creating a positive healing spiral through the bandwidths of dimensional realities. 

Once Recalibrated you become a Negative Ionic Generator, you don’t ever power down, you sustain your higher vibrational frequency and continue to go higher. This enables you to continue to drop density as we move forward on the cresting waves of Ascension – into the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

  • Experience Sovereign Integration
  • Activate the Multidimensional Holographic Body, Spiritual DNA, the Pineal Hyper-dimensional Gateway, and the Lightbody Quantum Merkaba.
  • “Uncap” the Chakras for the New Galactic Chakra System.
  • Connect back to Source at the Galactic Core

Two 1 hour appointments – $333 TOTAL
Sessions must be done in person over 2 consecutive days 

If you feel called to Marconics and intrigued to experience and know more…reach out to me.

If this resonates with you, trust that.


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