Myofascial Release (John Barnes Method) is powerful bodywork to help you feel more united with your body, energy, thoughts, emotions and expansive consciousness.  I work with people who have varying types of pain, traumas, and dysfunction, however, the common thread is guiding you to a  deeper connection to yourself, your inner guidance and your most expansive desires for your life.

As I treat you, I help guide you to bring your awareness to your body, energy, and emotions. I apply sustained pressure into your areas of restriction  (Tightness, knots, adhesions etc.) which allows for the restrictions to release and free up so you can move better and feel better. Putting it simply, it’s about learning to FEEL so you can move into where you want to go. I also teach you how to practice Self Myofascial Release to further your healing process between treatments with me. As John Barnes said “Without awareness, there is no choice!”

I have treated a wide variety of symptoms/diagnoses/concerns, but at the heart of it, we are a right fit if:


  • You are willing to be an active participant in your own healing process and committed to yourself and your journey.
  • You want to feel better than you are feeling and aren’t sure how to bridge the gap between how you are feeling now and how you really want to feel.
  • You want the whole thing or should I say WHOLISTIC thing! You want someone to understand you on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level because you are all about that!

I am located in Amityville, NY
Initial Visit: $160
1 Hour: $120

Scroll down for FAQ’s and more info! 

Please contact me via email or phone so I can address any questions you may have and schedule an appointment for you.

I have a 24 Hour Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy!
PHONE: -631-691-3409 (This is a business line, so I don’t receive texts. Calls only, thanks)
vanessa {at} vanessaUybarreta {dot} com
Please note that I check my email frequently, so if for some reason you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please resend. Thank you

Contact Me

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Do I need to bring anything? YES!!! IMPORTANT
Please bring a pair of comfortable loose shorts and women will also need a sports bra, tank top, or two piece bathing suit. It’s very important that you do not wear any body lotion, because the I need to be directly on skin without sliding.
What type of payments do you accept?
I accept cash, check, and all Major Credit cards.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?
Your appointment is specifically for you, therefore, I require 24-hour notice for cancellations. Those that can’t give 24-hour notice will be charged a fee equal to their scheduled appointment fee.
Do you accept gratuities?
Thanks for the thought but tipping is unnecessary.
What if I am late to my appointment?
Your appointment starts and ends on time so please arrive a few minutes early. If you are late your appointment will still end at the scheduled time so that other appointments can be honored in a timely manner.
How many treatments will I need to feel better?
This is completely individual and something we can talk about when you come in for treatment. Even if you and 10 other people have the same symptoms or diagnoses, you will all present differently. You are different people and your myofascial restrictions are different. They are as unique as a fingerprint.

What To Expect

First Visit

There will be paperwork which is standard and can be filled out when you arrive or can also be emailed to you so you can fill it out at home and bring it with you. We spend some time talking about what is bothering you and what you want to address.  Then I do a postural assessment which allows me to see where you are tight/restricted and being pulled off your natural center. Hands on treatment is one hour. After that, I show you how to effectively self-treat with a therapy ball (that you keep) and any stretches that might be beneficial.  Allow yourself an hour and 20-30 minutes for your Initial Visit.

During treatment

Myofascial Release is a whole body therapy and completely unique to you! The areas that you feel pain and tension will be treated along with other areas that are connected to your symptoms.  Treating the cause as well as the symptoms is very effective and absolutely necessary for long-standing relief. It is normal to feel sensations in other areas of your body as one area is being treated. It is good to say what you are feeling. You will be guided into basic deep breathing to aid in relaxation of your mind and physical body.  This allows treatment to be more effective. Every visit we will discuss what you are feeling and the results of the prior treatment. We will continually go over new self-treatment techniques and stretches to do at home as needed.

After Treatment

Your body is going through profound changes as the release process continues for several days after the treatment. Therapeutic pain is a normal part of the healing process, as sometimes “good pain” is felt during treatment, this can also occur days after the treatment as the body adapts to the structural changes that have occurred. Therapeutic pain does not always occur, but can feel like soreness or a flare up of symptoms followed by a remarkable improvement. Trapped toxins are released, therefore, increasing your water intake will help ‘flush” toxins from your body. Enjoy all the positive changes your body is going through! Emotions are a normal part of life, and you may experience a release of emotion during and after treatment. Allow these emotions to come and play out. Suppressing them will hinder your progress.

 Some of the more specific issues, diagnoses and pain conditions I have worked with:

  • Back, neck, hip,  shoulder, knee….anywhere in the body pain, injuries, and repetitive strain issues
  • chronic pain and Acute traumas
  • Adhesions
  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia and other connective-tissue disorders
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Inflexibility
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Post-surgical dysfunction and scars
  • Pregnancy aches and pains, and post birth care
  • Repetitive stress and sports injuries
  • Restriction of motion
  • Scar Tissue
  • Scoliosis pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stress- and tension-related problems
  • Temporomandibular pain (TMJ)
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Vertigo
  • Whiplash

 Check out John Barnes below! 

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