Myofascial Release (John Barnes Method) is powerful bodywork to help you find relief from the pain and suffering you are going through and become feel more united with your body, energy, thoughts, emotions, and expanded consciousness.

As I treat you, I help guide you to bring your awareness to your body, energy, and emotions so that the restrictions in your body can release in a powerful way. Myofascial Release applies sustained pressure into your areas of restriction (Tightness, knots, adhesions etc.) which allows for the restrictions to release and free up so you can move better and feel better.

During the assessment and treatment, I look for what your body is presenting to me as areas of tightness and restriction. The symptom is typically the tip of the iceberg which means if only the symptom areas are treated, we would be missing the big picture and your long-lasting relief!

At the heart of it, it’s about learning to FEEL more and “listen” to your body in a more profound way. Amazing things can happen then.

I have treated a wide variety of symptoms/diagnoses/concerns, but at the heart of it, we are a right fit if:


  • You are willing to be an active participant in your own healing process and committed to yourself,  your journey and your homework.
  • You want to feel better than you are feeling and aren’t sure how to bridge the gap between how you are feeling now and how you really want to feel.
  • You want the whole thing or should I say WHOLISTIC thing! You want someone to understand you on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level because you are all about that!

I am located in Amityville, NY

Here’s how I work.

It really lights me up to help someone get to where they REALLY want to be. You came to my website for a reason. You want help with something, whether that “something” feels big or small to you.

The way I know how to help you receive and achieve what you want is to work with me consistently and intentionally for a period of time. This isn’t just about coming in for a bodywork session and then walking out the door.

You make the “I’m full in” choice to do this and I support you FULL ON through the time we work together. The sessions include Myofascial Release bodywork along with self-care, self-treatment with therapy tools, stretches, awareness/meditation practices, and intuitive guidance and mentoring to make this process powerful. Every person will require a different blend of things.  Plus I will support you throughout the whole time we are working together via text. You can reach out any time and I can read your energy and guide, and help you get clarity easily and quickly so you can keep moving forward.  It’s guaranteed that you will have moments where you want that support! 

I offer an initial 90-minute visit (unless you are already full in, then we can go right to an immersion package). This way you can experience working with me and then decide if you want to continue further. I don’t offer sporadic sessions here and there to my clients at this time unless you have already gone through an immersion package already.

After over 13 years of working with clients, I know the way that is most effective and transformational to get you to your goals and desires and this is the way! Imagine what could happen for you after having constant support and sessions for a period of time? 

The immersion packages are about stepping FULLY INTO your transform and committing to reaching your desires and goals. When you work with me, I support you every step of the way.

Let’s connect on the phone first to see if this is a right fit for you. Click the link below and I will get back to you shortly.

Initial Visit + Single Sessions

Single Sessions are for existing Myofascial Release clients and anyone who wants to receive a Marconics energy session.

The Initial Visit is 90 minutes: $200


1 Week Immersion

-3 Sessions

-Powerful unlimited support and guidance via

Messenger/Text through the week


1 Month Immersion

-8 sessions

-Powerful unlimited support and guidance via

Messenger/Text through the week


3 Months Immersion

-18 Sessions

-Powerful unlimited support and guidance via

Messenger/Text through the week


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