Hone your discernment and inner guidance communication skills in 4 weeks so you can make aligned choices from a place of confidence and inner felt empowerment.


What if you could feel solid, aligned, and confident in your choices from your place of intuitive knowing regardless of the outer noise, opinions, energy of others, and endless facts brought to your attention?

The goal with Listen Within is to anchor you right into your intuitive embodied knowing so you can take action from that place more often. To remove feelings of being overpowered and lost in the sea of information, unsure what your inner guidance is telling you, or worrying if you are on the right path for yourself or not.

You will learn how to deepen your ability to listen and act from your own discernment and inner guided choices which is the only place you will ever feel truly ASSURED and KNOWING. You will be able to enhance your current “intuitive” skills and take them to your next level in a simple, grounded, and doable way.

This is a time of great expansion of consciousness. Are you feeling a pull to your next level?

As you step forward on your path, your discernment is the most valuable skill you have!

Tell me if this is you…

Lately, you struggle with being clear if you are making the right choices for yourself in this ever-changing landscape. You are intuitive but your intuitive listening skills get tested by the constant pull of information overload and energy from media, friends, and family.

At times you get caught up in the facts even though you know there is a deeper meaning to everything and you know facts alone can’t give you your personal embodied aligned TRUTH.

Sometimes you question yourself and wonder, “ Am I on the right path? Am I in the right place for me with everything going on in the world?”

What if you could feel CLEAR way more often, confident in your choices, and “in the know” in your own life on your own path?

That’s exactly why I created “Listen Within” because I wanted to help people RIGHT NOW have the skills to become their own decision-maker from their intuitive embodied knowing. To masterfully find their own way and carve their own path from a place of power, presence, and embodied KNOWING. To anchor into who they are and feel clear and and confident in knowing what is the right aligned choice for them in every moment.

So if you want to enhance and expand your intuitive listening skills and manifesting skills (because manifesting and listening go hand in hand) to your personal next level in just 4 weeks, here’s how to do it.

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This is a course that will help you be able to listen and act on your intuitive awareness more often and with more confidence and clarity in 4 weeks.

It will give you all the tools you need to set the stage for easy clear “listening” through claiming and clearing your inner space with spiritual hygiene, awareness meditations to get into your body and feel more present, classes to expand your knowledge tenfold, and deep-diving awareness questions for transformational insights.

Right now you might be struggling with knowing if you are on YOUR right path and weeding through information and energy overload.

You might feel acceleration in your spiritual evolution and expansion which can feel exciting yet uneasy to navigate.

You might feel in uncharted territory as you expand into the next version of yourself and desire help in anchoring into yourself at a deeper, more powerful level.

Imagine if you could feel more IN-THE-MOMENT embodied intuitive knowing of what feels right for you and then choose to follow that with action?

What would it feel like to feel more anchored inside yourself having your OWN answers regardless of what’s happening outside yourself? How would that change things in your life right now?

Once you click the buy now button, you will be directed to PayPal. You can pay via your own PayPal account or pay directly with a credit/debit card.  
When payment is finished, you will be directed to a thank you page where you will be asked to enter your name and email which gives you instant access to the course. You will also receive an email with the links you need to access Listen Within. 

Hi, I’m Vanessa Uybarreta, Intuitive Mentor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release Therapist,  Dancer, Yoga and Movement Instructor.

I have spent the past 14 years helping people feel within, get into their bodies, heal, and create their lives as they desire from their own intuitive embodied knowing. Early on in my journey, I came to deeply know that my answers were within but I didn’t always know how to access them. I spent years working on my intuitive skills, being frustrated through the process yet finding my footing each time in a new more expanded space.

Now, in THIS time of accelerated consciousness expansion and ascension, it doesn’t have to take years.

Things are moving much faster these days. Can you feel it? In this powerful time, many are called in the readiness for their next level. Solid footing is needed, groundedness is needed, trusting yourself is needed, and being able to weed through the excess of outer stimulation is foundational for you to navigate your unique path as the unique soul that you are.

This is why I created Listen Within. I felt the underlying question in ALL of the surface level questions and that is “Am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? Am I making the right choices on my spiritual human journey?” The thing is NO ONE can give you those answers, only YOU, and I want to help you answer those questions and the limitless others that you have. It is all possible. Much can happen in 4 weeks when you are focused and have the tools available to support you! You will get to YOUR next level and continue on.…(there is always more.)

I made this course easily digestible for you during your day to day life and extremely affordable so that it is a no-brainer choice to join Listen Within.

I wanted as many people as possible to get the benefit from listening within at their deeper level so I created this as a digital course.

Typically I work with clients 1-1 mentoring and teaching them these principles for much more than $77!

In this course, there are:


6 classes


4 downloadable meditations


28-Day Journal Transformational Awareness Journaling worksheet


Crystal Clarity worksheet


practical tips


and the detailed structure for how you can use this course easily in your own life


Spiritual Hygiene to feel “Clean and clear” which sets the stage for easy intuiting.


What is Intuition? Taking these concepts to the next level.


Your Intuitive Language: Getting clear on what your intuition/knowing feels like to you so you can live from that awareness regularly.


What gets in the way? Understanding what is stopping you from knowing/intuiting is an eye-opening yet necessary part of this process.


Creation Space. How intuition and manifesting work together as one and how you can leverage it in your life.


What is your Truth? Living through your truth.

Total Value of ALL SIX Classes:


Spiritual Hygiene Meditations

Two Spiritual hygiene meditations: a shorter and longer version to fit into your daily life making it non-negotiable self-care.

Breathing, Body & More Meditations

Deep Breathing, Body Awareness Meditation, and Discernment Meditations to help you powerfully feel, release, go deeper, and be able to ask yourself the questions you want answers to.

Total Value of Meditation Collections:


28 Day Journal

28 Day Journal and Transformational Journaling questions to go deeper, align with your higher truths, and track your progress.

Transformational Journaling Questions

Insightful questions you can ask during this course & beyond. 

The Crystal Clarity Worksheet

 You won’t have any problem making a decision in hard situations with this powerful resource.

Total Value of Worksheets:


You get everything today for only $77

The classes, the meditations, the worksheets – EVERYTHING!

Valued at Over $300.00!

Once you click the buy now button, you will be directed to PayPal. You can pay via your own PayPal account or pay directly with a credit/debit card.  
When payment is finished, you will be directed to a thank you page where you will be asked to enter your name and email which gives you instant access to the course. You will also receive an email with the links you need to access Listen Within. 

You might be asking…

Will I be able to take this course? Things are a bit busy and hectic in my life.

Yes, as a Mom and business owner I understand the feeling of time being stretched or limited. I give you practical ways to use this course with reminders, check-ins, and a daily journal. I give you an easy 5 minute morning practice if that is all the time you have on certain mornings (everyone has 5 minutes I promise). The classes are easily digestible yet profoundly informative. You have to show up, of course, and spend time with this of course to get results, but it will easily fit into your life and you won’t regret carving out the space to discover more about yourself. Outside the course material, your “work” unfolds in your day to day life where you get to practice and grow from what you learned.

Can I really enhance my intuitive skills in 4 weeks?

Yes! It isn’t about time, it is about intention and practice. I give you the classes, tools, and practical support resources to assist you in taking your intuitive skills to the next level. Then after that? You can easily continue on again using the course for another 4 weeks and uplevel. You will have created new habits that will continue on past the 4 weeks. The potential is unlimited.

Will this support me in being a medium or being able to read other people intuitively?

This course does not address these things directly. The thing is, at the heart of being a medium is inner discernment. You HAVE to be able to discern if who and what you are accessing and communicating with are aligned and right for you. If you can’t do that, you put yourself in a vulnerable space. Listening within, which is different from listening without- mediumship is at the core of any further intuitive expression. Being able to intuit for yourself from your own alignment is” step 1 and also step mastery.”

Reading other people has to start with yourself. When you are anchored and centered, living from your embodied intuitive space, reading others can develop naturally and become second nature.

What can unfold from listening within is endless, It is your choice where you take this based on your own alignment.

I am an Empath. Will this help me?

Yes. Being an Empath can sometimes mean focusing outward more than inward as you feel so much for others and are open to other people’s energy on many levels. Refocusing WITHIN, practicing powerful spiritual hygiene, and claiming who you are and your truth will shift your relationship with other people and how you also intuit for yourself.

Can this help someone who is very new to all of this?

Yes the practices themselves are foundational yet also grow with you. The classes will give you what you need from your unique level or vantage point. You will take what you are able to digest from it and leave the rest in each class. When you rewatch a class (which I recommend) you might find you are hearing things from a different space.

How long do I have access to this course?

You have access to this course as long as it is available for sale on my website. If in the future, I choose to retire the course, you will be given notice and have the opportunity to download and save the course materials to your own computer or cloud storage. 

How does this course actually work?

When you buy the course, you will immediately get an email with a link to the course page which contains ALL the material on it. I give you a “how to use this course” video and PDF so that everything is clear and easy to follow.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this course and the fact you can consume it in a short time, I do not offer refunds.

When does this course start and how do I access it?

It starts as soon as you join and you will receive everything you need in your inbox instantly. Listen Within has a 4 week structure which I have laid out for you in detail which makes it easy and doable in your life. You can start immediately or any time you want.

How do I join 'Listen Within'?

Simply click here and join, then you are in!

Why is this course so inexpensive?

I am going to be very direct and honest here. I essentially listened within. It started with an exciting idea for a course that wasn’t too big and overwhelming. Something that a person could get great results from in a month or less and could use easily in their lives. Something that was at a low price point for really easy decision making to purchase and a course I wasn’t involved in “live” but that I could create and send out into the world, between being a mother and having 1-1 clients.

I wanted to help more people. NOW.

I was strongly called to create a course for people to listen within, as I have said throughout this whole entire page, that this is a time NOW more than ever to EMBODY your intuitive knowing so you can live from your power and make aligned choices. NOW when decisions need to be made about schools, jobs, the constant changes on the pandemic front, health, and anything else in the day to day, moment to moment life of the human. These choices can feel overwhelming without an ANCHOR-within to your highest alignment accessible.

Then the original price locked in and felt right, along with the price bump up (all way under $100)

Then I created the course that would work in 1 month, straightforward, easy yet with DEPTH, INSIGHT, PRACTICALITY, MAGIC, FOUNDATION, and EXPANSION. I didn’t leave anything out because it was at a low price point, yet I wanted it streamlined. I created what would work in 1 month. Not too big and not too small of a course.

The size doesn’t actually matter, what matters is if it works, and it DOES.

So there you have it. I can’t promise it will stay at this price forever. So grab it NOW!

This Course is For:

The Seasoned Ones: who want to take their skills to the next level, with present moment language and embodied practices on the topic of intuition. This isn’t your mother’s intuition course (and I love my mother by the way.)

The “newly awakened” who jumped on the fast track and are finding their bearings. This course will help to anchor you into your truth, your body, and your awareness which will help you navigate these fast-changing times.

The ones who have temporarily lost their way on their spiritual journey amongst the world’s chaos: This course will anchor and ground you back into yourself, your purpose, and your deeper clarity so you can go forth and KNOW.

The ones going through a big up-leveling or jump up in their spiritual expansion: The feelings of uncertainty and the unknown can be hard to navigate but you got this! This course will help you navigate the space between where you are and where you are going with more ease and mastery.

When you click the buy now, you are taken to Paypal where you can pay directly here with a credit card or use your PayPal account.

After that, you will receive an email from me with the course page and login details. You can then simply login and start the course! YAY

Due to the digital nature of this course, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you can be 4 weeks from now?

You could be much more easily and seamlessly living from your intuitive embodied knowing in more areas of your life.

You could be discerning in-the-moment with more ease and grace.

You could feel clear and aligned more often throughout your day and your life.

You could feel “in the know” and more in your body all the time!

In a time of great upheaval, transformation, and consciousness expansion, you in your intuitive aligned center is one the best things you can do for yourself and the world. It feels powerful, masterful, and beautiful. It is real, healing and self-accepting. And it is all possible for you.

Your next level awaits!

The time is NOW to join. This course is only $77.

Once you click the buy now button, you will be directed to PayPal. You can pay via your own PayPal account or pay directly with a credit/debit card.  
When payment is finished, you will be directed to a thank you page where you will be asked to enter your name and email which gives you instant access to the course. You will also receive an email with the links you need to access Listen Within.