The truth of who you are is yours to discover.


The truth of what you are feeling right now is right there. 


The truth of what is calling you from within is waiting for you to notice. 


The truth of your next step is followed by going within.  


I help people drop right into their truth.

That’s all I do, and that is all you need. Because everything is transformed, changed, healed, and created from within you. 

Isn’t it? 

You might be thinking, “But really, what DO you do?” 

Well, I’ve spent years honing the skill to SEE/FEEL someone really clearly from inside out and hold space for them in a way that feels core level supportive and safe.

This creates a container of safety for massive shifts, transformations, and new realities to be created. It’s not about time it’s about AWARENESS.

And because what once was clouded, stuck, or unclear for hours, days, weeks months, or years then becomes crystal clear things MOVE, decisions are MADE, changes HAPPEN. 


This is the power you hold.

And I believe in your limitless potential.

That there is ALWAYS a way, even when you haven’t found it yet.

And that you are deeply supported, honored and loved in this life experience as a human.  

I hold space for people to confidently take their next step because they INNER KNOW it is right for them.

To sit into the space of their own KNOWING and feel the fulfillment, trust, and power they hold at their next level. 

Expansion, Embodiment, or Creativity Coaching
Myofascial Release Bodywork and Self-Treatment
Movement and Dance


Her professionalism combined with empathy while being able to hold space for me emotionally when needed is the perfect combination and makes Vanessa shine above most in her field. Vanessa is an exceptional spiritual guide.

I always leave our sessions feeling safe, supported and home again in my body.


Allison Shea

” My work with you has been extraordinary. You’ve brought such depth, dimension, spirituality, and light to my healing process. Complete with visions and flashing white light. You helped heal decades-old emotional wounds. You are a key part of the team that has gotten me to where I am today, and I am forever grateful.”


“Vanessa holds a REALLY SAFE COMFORTABLE SPACE that made me feel I could be OPEN with her which is big for me.