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Keep reading to see if Myofascial Release is the right fit for you! 

Next Myofascial Release Kid Clinic Thursday, May 11, 1 pm – 5:30 pm

Your body awareness and connection to your own body is a powerful relationship! 

Your body is your access point to healing pain, inner transformation, listening to your inner guidance, and enjoying the sensory experiences of life.


Those that work with me are desiring a level of presence and touch that is transformational, and connective, and helps them go deeper into themselves while also addressing the issues or desires they came in for. 


Myofascial Release has some foundational principles, one is to observe and listen to the person’s body, and follow its lead. 

Another is “find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause” as many times we need to take a step back to see a broader view. And in terms of the myofascial system, a restricted and tight area can pull and cause drag throughout the entire myofascial system, so the area of pain is not necessarily the root of the pain.

This is why treating the symptom areas ONLY doesn’t always give you lasting results. The repetitive cycle doesn’t have to REPEAT! Getting to the root of the pain, and treating it effectively is where long-lasting results come from. 

All “back pain” for example, is not the same. Each individual must be observed, assessed, and treated uniquely, regardless of similar concerns or symptoms. 

People come to me for: 

Physical pain relief from injuries, chronic issues, and tightness that haven’t been able to be resolved, lack of mobility, and ability to function as they desire. 

Wanting to uplevel their physical abilities in a movement discipline.  

Emotional healing and a deeper connection to self. 

Embodiment and wanting to create a new inner state and newness in their lives. 

Vanessa has consistently been the one MFR therapist who really has been able to drop into my internal space and read what my body is COMMUNICATING.

When I work with her, my experiences are often similar to when I am in a meditative space. When her hands are on me, I’m frequently able to experience a BOUNDLESS SPACE that feels PEACEFUL and FULL OF LIGHT. Throughout our sessions, I often feel like we’re in a FLOW and DANCE of my body communicating exactly what it needs to her, and her meeting it along the way with gentle guidance.

My sessions with her have helped me progress in my healing of both body and mind. I’m very thankful to have met her along my healing journey! 



Did you find yourself here for one of these reasons?

You are struggling with pain or tightness yet you know there’s more underneath the surface of why this is showing up in your life.

You want to anchor into yourself and your own clarity around your physical concerns so you can move forward from a place of deeper power and presence.

You want to move past just “getting by”, temporary symptom relief, and only taking your pain levels down a notch.

You are called to get support in feeling deeper into your body and therefore discover more about yourself and your journey.

You want someone to look at you as a human being for all that you are and not just an injured body.

You are wholistic-minded and want to approach your pain and concerns from that broader view, which you feel has been missing so far from the therapies or treatments you have tried.

You are frustrated with your recurring symptoms.

You want to feel more body freedom, openness, flow, and mobility and aren’t sure how to bridge the gap between how you are feeling now and how you really want to feel.

You want the whole thing or should I say WHOLISTIC thing! You want someone to understand you on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual level because you are all about that!

Nothing I had done before was targeting the certain pain I was having. The first time you pressed on areas of my body that were not my back (one of her pain areas) it all clicked that the WHOLE BODY IS CONNECTED in certain ways and I felt an immediate release in a pain that was in my right hip after my first visit with you.

I went home and I told everybody about it! It has improved the quality of my life tenfold. I have more ENERGY. I am not laying on the couch with ice packs or heating pads and missing out on a fun and social life being in my 20’s and I was for a very long time.


FIbromyalgia and Back Pain

As I treat you, I help guide you to bring your awareness to your body, energy, and emotions so that the restrictions in your body can release in a powerful way. Myofascial Release applies sustained pressure into your areas of restriction (Tightness, knots, adhesions etc.) which allows for the restrictions to release and free up so you can move better and feel better. Pressure varies from light to deep depending on what your body needs.

During the assessment and treatment, I look for what your body is presenting to me as areas of tightness and restriction. The symptom is typically the tip of the iceberg which means if only the symptom areas are treated, we would be missing the big picture and your long-lasting relief!

At the heart of it, it’s about learning to FEEL more and “listen” to your body in a more profound way. Amazing things can happen then.

Vanessa has HELD THE SPACE for me always through laughter and many tears along with the full gamut of emotions, especially in the past few years during my healing crisis that I see now as a blessing. Her gentle approach to massage with MFR technique is very unique. Her intuition always guides her to what areas need healing. I am very sensitive and empathic and always feel SAFE in her care.

She has a very special way of bringing me BACK INTO MY BODY and rooted back to the earth even on my most anxious days.  I always leave our sessions feeling SAFE, SUPPORTED, and HOME again in my body.


What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release, the John Barnes Method, is a  specialized bodywork that gently and effectively treats the restrictions in your body that are causing your symptoms. It is a wholistic form of bodywork that treats the cause of pain as well as the symptoms for long-lasting results. It uses gentle sustained pressure into the restrictions allowing for a release. Pressure varies from light to deep depending on what your body needs.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a dense connective tissue that covers and penetrates every muscle, bone, blood vessel, nerve, internal organ, and cell in our body. Fascia is about 80 % of what our muscles are made of, but fascia also extends throughout the whole body. The fascial system also includes the ground substance which is the fluid aspect that surrounds all the fibers of the fascial system. 

Picture a large spider web, connecting all around. Now visualize yourself pulling on one strand of the web. Notice how the whole web gets pulled from that one strand? This is a good visual to understand fascia. Fascia is a continuous web from head to toe. Unlike a spider web, fascia is 3 dimensional throughout the whole entire body without interruption. 

Healthy fascia supports the functions of the body. It maintains the body’s current form and allows us to stand upright without collapsing. It stretches and moves with our bodies while still maintaining structure and stability.

Fascial Restrictions

Restrictions of the fascia and ground substance are a hardening, tightening, and dehydration of the system. It is what we call a tight, knots and tightness. It gets glued down and stuck to itself causing a lack of movement when you move your body. This eventually can cause drag or pull through the fascial web. That pull can cause pain and other symptoms.

When restricted it can affect all the structures it naturally supports. Restrictions are palpable and can only be detected through touch.

Treating the restrictions that are pulling throughout the web is necessary for the relief of your symptoms. Many times the symptom area has also gotten tight, but it didn’t necessarily begin there. Treating the cause and symptoms is treating the body wholistically.

Fascial Restrictions can cause:

Pain (localized and or radiating)


Lack of motion

Lack of flexibility


Ultimately this may result in a lack of functioning and living the way you desire.

Fascia gets restricted from:

Acute trauma (accidents/ injuries)

Micro-trauma- repetitive use and poor posture over time

Surgery- Scar Tissue


Emotional distress and trauma

Myofascial Release techniques are effective in releasing the restrictions that are causing your pain. Myofascial release is not a protocol or a systematic form of treatment. Each person is treated individually since everyone will have different areas of restriction regardless of common symptoms. Every person is unique therefore every treatment is as well. Myofascial release is truly a WHOLE body approach!

Whatever you want to create in your life and in your body, I am here to hold space for you and give you tools to take things to the next level. Is that your best life with less pain, more freedom, and more mobility? Do you also want more awareness of your body, know how to release your own tightness on your own, and feel more at home in your body? 

Let’s talk about how I can help you get there.

She has an uncanny ability to anticipate where my body needs to go before I am aware of it, placing her hands ever-so-gently on exactly the “right spot” to achieve the deepest release.  

More than just relief from pain and dysfunction, which alone is a miraculous feat for which I am humbly grateful, she has empowered me to take control of my own wellness. She has given me an invaluable gift: the awareness of MY BODY’S HEALING WISDOM, and the tools to connect to that SOURCE to achieve optimum health.



Myofascial Release for Kids, Infants, and Teens


“Kids can sink into deep spaces of rest, but they sometimes have to be guided there! Once they feel that, they are usually hooked.”


Working with kids and infants is similar to working with adults in some ways, and can be very different in others. Depending on the individual child, their needs in the moment may vary based on things like energy levels, age, and other aspects of who they are. 

Some kids and teens will lie on the table for a bit and receive treatment that way. Others will need to play with a toy or talk more as treatment is happening, smaller children and babies might sleep. 

The most important thing is nothing is forced. A positive professional therapeutic touch experience is the most important thing. And when a kid feels done, the session is over. 

Along with Myofascial Release, I always incorporate various massage and touch techniques that I also teach the parents. These techniques your kids will likely request from you once they feel how it helps them or because it simply feels good! Of course, each kid is so unique. 

Simple techniques that soothe, calm, and sink into deeper relaxation, ones to help move energy, and release pent-up, restless, and charged-up energies and feelings. 

Depending on the age and from our discussion first, kid sessions are typically booked for a half hour. Older kids and of course teens might easily go for and require longer sessions of 45-60 minutes. 

I have a Kid Myofascial Release Session Block where the half-hour rate is considerably discounted. So take advantage of those times! 

Why would you want your child to receive Myofascial Release bodywork?

As you read through what MFR is on this page, and how it treats the entire body wholistically, you can see that there are many benefits that can span many diagnoses or concerns. 

Here are a few that might stand out for you: 

-Anxiety and nervous energy. Helping kids to access deeper states of relaxation and calm. 

-Specific physical injuries. As kids grow and develop, keeping their bodies more released helps prevent physical imbalances.

-Scar tissue release to prevent the pull of scar tissue that could cause other issues as they grow. 

-Pain and tightness they are expressing to you. 

-You want your kid to receive a therapeutic touch experience, and learn how to use touch as an amazing tool in your parenting toolbox on a regular basis.

Amongst others. 


As always, you can certainly get clearance from your pediatrician if you have concerns about your child receiving bodywork with any specific medical conditions they are being treated for.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss if myofascial release and therapeutic bodywork with me are a good fit for your family.


Kid Myofascial Release Clinic

Thursday, May 11

1 pm – 5:30 pm

$55 – Half hour sessions.


5 spots are available!

Contact me to reserve your spot.

I am located in Amityville, NY.




Initial Visit: 90 Minutes: $200

-Assessment + discussion.

-One hour of Myofascial Release bodywork.

-Individualized Self-care and Myofascial Self-treatment practices: MFR tool techniques, stretches, awareness/meditation practices, and guidance depending on your needs.

-You will learn how to use a myofascial therapy ball yourself and take it home with you, along with written instructions.


Myofascial Self-Therapy with Balls and other tools, is an important and powerful, and effective home practice. When done regularly it is a powerful tool that can assist you in meeting your goals while also helping you feel deeper within, become more present in a meditative space, and continue to feel more open and spacious in your body, and therefore a preventative tool as well.


Single Sessions (Post Initial): $155

60 minutes of hands-on myofascial release with a few minutes before to assess in the beginning and at the end to adjust or add self-care or self-treatment aspects and questions.

If more time than that is needed, then a 75-minute or more session can be scheduled.

Each session we assess, update, add, or change your MFR self-treatment and any other self-care to your benefit.



As a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in John Barnes’ Method of Myofascial Release for over 17 years, I am so grateful to have such an amazing tool that has assisted me along with my clients and students.  It is truly an integral part of my everyday life and has been an asset to my spiritual and ascension journey as a physical creature on this planet.

Vanessa Uybarreta is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in John Barnes Myofascial Release since 2006. She is also an Expansion, Embodiment, and Creativity Coach and Mentor, Movement teacher, and Dancer.

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