There’s always a way.

This is a philosophy I live by and when my daughter says “I want to make/do/be _____.” I say “Great! How do you think we can create that? What are your ideas?” Because the process of creation, discovery, and exploration is where the essence of life is in my opinion.


This is the way I approach my work. There is nothing you are incapable of doing, being, healing, embodying, and creating here. We get to navigate our lives and our inner landscape and come out the other side over and over. This is the journey of expansion as a human, ungluing and breaking free from the seeming things that bind us is really exhilarating, powerful, and what I show up for and honor. 


It isn’t always easy, it takes courage and decisions, yet everyone is capable of it. The navigation through is what I am masterful at and have honed over many years. Energy doesn’t lie, so as I see you, I KNOW YOU. 


I help people hone in on what has been tripping them up for a long time and come out the other side. To shift their vibration and anchor into their bodies what they want to create in the here and now. And because I put no limits on you, you FEEL THAT in my energy like a vibrational marker and rise up to your next level with more ease and grace. 


I am honored to help people step into their role as captain and steer their own ship. 


Some things about me right now: 


I am a very physical creature, a feeler. I best enjoy living life through sitting into my body getting the full spectrum experience of it all.


I sit right into my body as much as possible whether I am typing on my computer, cooking, dancing, or thinking deep because all my KNOWING and answers lie RIGHT HERE inside of me which is IN MY BODY as a human. I am very visual and my “inner guidance is an integrated combo of “KNOW/FEEL/SEE.” There is no tuning in, it is KNOWING. 


I love all things physical. I love trying new things, dance, exercises, and challenging myself. It is truly playtime for me and one of my favorite experiences being in a body! 


I love physical comfort and cozy things, they recharge and nurture me AND cold showers and sweating with my heart rate up which clears and enlivens me. 


I love all creative activities and adventures with my daughter and family.


From past to now: 


I grew up around people seeking spiritual enlightenment. My community and culture growing up and through my adulthood was a Yoga Ashram founded by a female Guru from India. My parents were students and teachers of yoga’s entire system and philosophy since before I was born. 


I always had questions and I was always an observer. My intense desire to understand what life was all about and the aspects unseen by the eyes was something that grew in my late teens and early 20’s. 


I’ve also always been a performer and loved art, music, and dance starting at a young age. I started physical yoga when I was little, dance at 7, clarinet in 4th grade and arts and crafts were a staple for me. I was exposed to all types of music from my Dad who is a musician and lover of music. 


At 19, after my first year in college filled with anxiety and stress, I returned to a dedicated yoga class as more of an “adult” and started a new journey meditating daily and taking practices into my everyday life. 

As my journey continued, I wanted to understand more! My Mom being a wholistic healthcare professional got me intrigued by energy and the human body at a level I didn’t know about so I went to Massage Therapy College to dive in deeper. It opened up my world and fell in love with the intricacies of the human body.


This led me to the John Barnes Myofascial Approach in 2006 which brought many things together for me in how the body, mind, emotions, and consciousness exist together and how to facilitate healing on all levels and truly hold space. 


To truly feel emotions as body sensations and know how to feel and move through them inside myself and help others do the same, was a profound discovery for me that changed me forever. I had no idea how good I was at stuffing and avoiding my feelings. I really started to develop my intuition and turn inward for my answers. 


I found Marconics and the ascension conversation in 2016, which led to more questions answered. 


Dance is the movement of my soul. As a dancer, I started Hula and Tahitian dance at 9 and performed all through the years until I had my daughter. I also found Belly dance particularly fusion Bellydance and House dance in my late teens and early 20’s. I was an emcee and performer most of my life. Costumes, adornments, and playing off the energy of the audience have always been fulfilling, challenging, and thrilling for me! 


I am a paradox just like you! 


Soft and gentle, passionate and powerful.


An observer who loves being in the spotlight for a specific purpose. 


Has a lot to say yet also loves to watch and take it all in. 




Practical and cosmic. 


One who feels so fulfilled expressing outwardly and loves being in connection with others and also who processes internally and enjoys quiet alone time.  


Of course, I was seeking answers and healing from my own suffering. I suffered internally and in silence a lot of my life not always honoring my own pain, not asking for help, and felt I should be better at handling life. 


Yet, this lifetime for me has been about great healing and ascension along with beauty, discovery, family, learning self-love, and honoring self-care on foundational levels. This is what I help people with because as we expand our consciousness we will have a much easier time loving and honoring ourselves through. 



I have a magical blend of knowledge of:

The human body from movement play and expression, healing, therapeutic aspects, injury and alignment, and
emotional release through feel.


The mind, mindset, and meditation.


Of consciousness, spirituality, and ascension, and of energy and the energetics of manifestation.


I take it all and make it really practical- so it actually works and assists your expansion, because it has to weave and become the foundation in one’s human life which is where all the lessons come! There is no separation! 


I am not the monk on the mountain top, but the master of my reality drinking up all aspects of life as a Mom, passionate creative soul, and dedicated to my family and my journey. My full commitment and intensity to my expansion and ascension is WHO I AM and I am here to experience it all. 


This is a very fast-moving time for the collective of humanity and for each individual’s soul expansion. I am grateful to be here to assist and witness it. 


Feel called to work with me? Resonate with my approach? Then what are you waiting for?
Don’t hesitate, reach out now.