Myofascial Release self-treatment is a gift to yourself!

It is something that will serve you your entire life, help you treat your own pain, tightness and restrictions, help you become more body aware, be in deeper and more connected communication with your body on a moment to moment basis, release emotions as you release your body, and is a great way to nurture internal quiet from the body-focused meditative space you cultivate as you do it.

It is always surprising to the clients and students I have worked with over the years what they discover and feel as they use MFR therapy tools.

Even if you consider yourself very body-self-aware, there is always more to explore and more to uncover. As ever-expanding beings we continue to level up and deepen into newer places within, finding a new sense of self or a new version of self as we grow.

This continues to amaze me as I continue to grow and expand myself! Even just recently I thought I had body awareness down, then I deepened and expanded to a whole other level! 

We all need help from others at times through therapies and medical expertise, this does not replace that, but MFR self-treatment only supports and benefits what you are already doing in your life including your current exercise programs. It treats and prevents future injuries and is often a missing piece to a person’s body self-care because it addresses your body differently than strengthening exercise, mobility training, dynamic stretching, and cardiovascular activities. 

MFR self-treatment has a few foundational principles, one being that you go with your body, and listen to what you are feeling. This practice alone, which will be discussed in class, allows you to have more confidence and communication with yourself and your body which spans outside of an MFR self-treatment session. 

Listening to your body gives you deeper confidence in your health and daily choices. It helps you to feel more grounded and centered within as you live your life as a human being.  

It doesn’t matter if Myofascial Release is new to you, or not, if you have been a client of mine before or not, this class will benefit you and meet you where you are at! 

So if you are called to…

Go deeper within….

To discover more about your body and your feeling awareness…

To be more in tune with your body’s sensations…

To have deeper listening and communication skills with your body, your intuitive higher guidance, and yourself….

To release tightness, pain, and tension…

To feel freer and grounded functioning in your everyday life…

Then the Self-Myofascial Release Class is right for you!

What’s included: 

-1 pre-recorded 1-hour, 50-minute MFR self-treatment class that you have unlimited access to, where I show you how to use all the tools above and you self-treat along with me! This will be a full class for you to enjoy your tools and experience myofascial releases in the moment with me as I walk you through it and give you tips, background about MFR, and multiple ways to adapt the tools to your body and your life.

-How to Add Self-Myofascial Release into your existing life with ease, effectiveness, and simplicity. 
I give you all the tips and simple hacks I’ve used myself and helped countless clients and students over the years to effectively add self-care into their lives in a way that feels manageable, supportive, and consistently gets you the results you want. I want to help you use your tools and not let them collect dust! 

-1 Simple Instructional Packet: My basic straightforward handout for those that want to print instructions to have beside them.


What you buy yourself: 

The tools: I give you all the links and resources to buy yourself an MFR ball, tennis ball, foam roller, and Theracane. The most important and versatile tools are the two balls that you can use to treat your entire body. The foam roller and theracane are secondary tools, but also add some great pieces that the balls can’t do in the same way.

Approximate prices:
MFR BALL: $7-$15. If you have been a client of mine, you received one on your first visit.
TENNIS BALLS: Find a tennis-playing friend and take the used dead balls for free, or buy a 3-pack for $3 – $5
FOAM ROLLER, REGULAR/STANDARD DENSITY: $25 depending on the quality

Please don’t buy any tools before purchasing the course, as I give you all the info you will need to buy the right tools, with links! Not all foam rollers are the same!


As a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in John Barnes’ Method of Myofascial Release for over 17 years, I am so grateful to have such an amazing tool that has assisted me and my clients and students.  It is truly an integral part of my everyday life and has been an asset to my spiritual and ascension journey as a physical creature on this planet. 




$22 for existing clients (coupon code)

If you become a client, I will take $11 off of your first session if you purchased this class.

Once you purchase the class, you will immediately get a link to your class in your post-checkout message. 



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