I assist lightworkers and empaths in embodying who they are, stepping completely out of the spiritual closet and being the leader they came here to be. 

You are a lightworker or Empath and you came here for a reason. The time is now. No time to wait. You are meant to be a leader in your life. 

A lightworker leader is in charge of their energy, their mission, and their life because that is why they are here.

A lightworker leader is at the forefront of the collective shifts in human consciousness.

A lightworker leader embodies who they are, and knows they teach through vibrational alignment and entrainment.

A lightworker leader is in command and has a special way in which they are meant to illuminate this world, which is sometimes very visible to others and sometimes not. 

Each lightworker and Empath has a specific purpose and mission(s). When you are a lightworker and don’t know these 2 very fundamental aspects of who you are, you can feel:

Passion without an outlet which leads to frustration


Loss of meaning

Unfocused and Unclear

A disheartened state

As a passionate, sensitive, intuitive, heart-centered lightworker this is a really tough place to be in. I know this through personal experience.

Also, as a lightworker, it is absolutely essential for you to know WHO you are as an energetic being.  What your empathic patterns are, your intuitive skills and how to refine them, what your specific roles are as an energy being and how you relate to the world. Your job isn’t to be adrift at sea drowning in empathic overwhelm. It is to be the captain of your own ship in command of how you feel.

To be crystal clear on your purpose and mission, you need to be empowered in who you are as an energetic vibrational being. You need to be able to feel and think clearly and when you are overwhelmed by the energy of life on earth (the collective, those in your lives, the events, the environment etc), it is nearly impossible to get really aligned in who you are in a big way.


Lightworkers Lead is a 3 Month Immersion Program where I help you fully own who you are as a leader and an intuitive purpose-driven lightworker in this world.

You are a unique spark and we need you NOW.

The way to really own your leadership role is to be crystal clear with:

Your empathic and energetic patterns.

Your deepest purpose.

Your mission- which is the channel or outlet in which you purpose is lived through.

Here is what’s happening right now…everyone is questioning where they are in their lives and who they are on some level.

You might be a lightworker who:

1: Is recently coming to realize you are a lightworker and that you have a purpose here…but what? You are sensitive, and in-tune intuitively. You have been catapulted forward in your spiritual journey and you have a burning desire to fully step into who you are!

2: Has known you are a lightworker for a while, however, you haven’t fully hit the mark with what you are meant to be doing. You have tried many things, read many books, and taken many classes, yet you still feel like something is missing and that is frustrating because you know you are meant to be useful in some way and you are ready to fully channel your energy into being fully YOU!

3: Has been clear in their mission and purpose and has been living it for a while feeling fully aligned… however lately something isn’t quite fitting anymore. You are being called to change and that can be scary and unsettling even if it’s exciting too. Your mind questions this change because it is unfathomable that after all this time you are changing everything that worked so well for you.  Yet your BEING knows you are birthing a new reality for yourself. Which way are you going?

Whether you are 1,2, or 3 you are being called to EXPAND and be BIGGER than you are now. Your energy field is expanding and your beliefs are expanding about who you are and what you are doing here.

You WANT support and you NEED support.

I am here to support you, fellow lightworker and empath.


When you fully embody who YOU are and become the leader that you are meant to be it feels:

Deeply fulfilling

Freeing to be yourself in the world and the leader instead of the follower energetically.

Aligned with love and confidence.

Complete and whole that you are doing what you are meant to do.

Embodying who you are at the highest level is not about finding a perfect fixed idea of who you think you should be. It is embodying who you are. The YOU that is KNOWING and POWERFUL,  AND is always evolving forward.

It is time to step out of the spiritual closet and close the door behind you. The time is now.

What I do as a Transformational Intuitive Mentor is:

I see and know you to your core. Talk about owning our purpose and mission? Being able to read someone like a book or as easily as I see the tree out the window is part of mine. This allows you to easily go from being unclear and unaware to clear and knowing quickly. I  hold space for you and shine a light on exactly what energy, paradigm and belief system you are living and functioning from as YOU discover it for yourself. I help you go deeper. I guide, I coach, I teach, I share.  You become crystal clear, you align, you shift, you heal and you transform.

I encourage you to feel deeply, help you see your blind spots, tap deeper into your own inner knowing, and take the steps that you know you need to take in your life.

My background, experience, education, and personal journey is with Massage Therapy, JFB Myofascial Release, Marconics energy work, the law of attraction, mind-body connection, yoga, meditation, years of spiritual study and inner work, breath-work, movement, and dance.  I have been working with clients since 2006, teaching yoga and meditation since 2001 and on my own journey for longer. 

My approach is all-encompassing because we are embodied consciousness with emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

What exactly is the Lightworkers Lead program?

3 months working directly with me 1-1.

-12 One Hour Transformative Intuitive Mentoring Sessions

-3 Marconics Energy sessions

-Classes you can access anytime during the program

-Email support

Investment: $ 3,000

Us working together is RIGHT if:

-You are ready and willing to embody who you are, not the “perfect” version you have created in your mind (it’s ok to be scared, you just have to be willing and open).

-You are ready and willing to see and feel the deeper meaning in all circumstances in your life and make the changes that align with who you are at the highest level.

-You are ready to be really supported and accepted in who you are at the deepest level.

We aren’t a good fit if:

-You aren’t ready and willing to see yourself and your life with love and compassion.

-You expect me to “fix” you in some way and not expect to do any inner work or make changes in your life.

BOOK A FREE discovery call below with me to see if we are the right fit. Immerse yourself in YOU! 

Step 1: Book your FREE discovery call.

Step 2:  You will receive an email confirmation and some questions to answer! 

ALL SET! I look forward to connecting with you!


Vanessa has truly been a blessing in my life. Not only has she helped me regain physical strength, she has helped me develop and grow spiritually, beyond what I even knew was possible. She is a naturally gifted healer and teacher. Through her nurturing nature, Vanessa has helped me open up, gain confidence in myself, trust my intuition, and also tune into my physical body. 

She has worked with me on grounding techniques and how to truly connect to my inner self. This has helped me create a foundation to continue on my spiritual and healing path. Vanessa has become a dear friend and mentor. She shows me how to grow as a person by believing in me and also how to develope and trust in my own gifts and healing process. 

Working with Vanessa has truly been a transformative experience. She has taught me to be kind and gentle with myself. Also to not be ashamed of where I am in my life, but to embrace all of who I am and to trust in the process as I grow. I remember resisting in the beginning but through love and light Vanessa has always held space for me and has educated me on the importance of surrendering and trusting in myself, as well as the process of expanding as a spiritual being. I am blessed and extremely appreciative to have her gentle loving soul in my life. 


“Vanessa is a gifted healer that I have had the honor of treating with now for 9 years! We met back in 2009, by chance through a trusted friend from PA school after I was injured from a motor vehicle accident in the midst of my studies.  I could not have gotten through my rigorous class schedule without her help treating me for chronic neck and back pain. During the course of our treatments, I began to truly learn about my body for the first time and understand the wondrous power of how my thoughts and emotions could manifest as physical pain. Throughout the years as our treatments and relationship evolved in a way that I knew we were destined to meet. Vanessa has held the space for me always through laughter and many tears along with the full gamut of emotions especially in the past few years during my healing crisis that I see now as a blessing. Her gentle approach to massage with MFR technique is very unique. Her intuition always guides her to what areas need healing. I am a very sensitive and empathic and always feel safe in her care.  She is generous with her time and a compassionate woman that I now consider a friend. Her professionalism combined with empathy while being able to hold space for me emotionally when needed is the perfect combination and makes Vanessa shine above most in her field. Life is a journey and we are all on this path together. Vanessa is now an exceptional spiritual guide.  We recently began transformational intuitive mentoring sessions combined with meditative grounding and distance healing. I have to say the results have been unbelievable! She helps me work through many of my emotional and physical blocks just through our sessions. I always feel lighter and have a deeper understanding of my next step in my path afterward. Vanessa’s energy is clean and pure and I am grateful to have her as guide and light to navigate life’s peaks and valleys. I have learned so much from her throughout the years, but most importantly I learned that it is ok to feel! No matter what the emotion is or how “bad” I have labeled it, she taught me that once it is truly felt and processed that it can change. No feeling lasts forever. We are not one-dimensional objects! She has a very special way of bringing me back into my body and rooted back to the earth even on my most anxious days.  I always leave our sessions feeling safe, supported and home again in my body. I am so proud of her growth throughout the years and am blessed to have Vanessa be a part of my life!”

Allison Shea

Physicians Assistant

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