Self Care is Self Love in Practice


This session will give you a no-brainer, no excuses way to incorporate self-care into your life every day. This self-care will be fun, easy and supportive to you in your unique life so you can feel good, thrive, and have those moments of self-awareness and pause.  A little goes a really long way….

In these 75-minute in-person sessions we create an individualized self-care routine to fit in your life in an easy way.

The focus is on you having specifics to add to your life whether it is a busy day or a day with lots of open space. Self-care is paramount in living your life aligned and feeling good. Sometimes we can get in the mindset of waiting until things are more settled when there is more time, or whatever other reasons.  The thing is, we can work around our beliefs with what is possible with self-care and actually create something the totally fits in your unique life!

As a former Burnout Queen, I found out the hard way that self-care is foundational, necessary and a non-negotiable practice in my life. I had to go into a deeper awareness with this when I became a mom. Choosing to take care of myself AND my child was what my soul desired.

So with a busy full life, you can also create easy, fun and supportive self-care. I can help. Let’s do this!

We create a 5, 10 or 15 minute specifically tailored self-care session for you that is a no-brainer to do regularly. This is a profound and very simple way to enhance your life and give you the support you need.

It can include:

-yoga/stretching/movement specifically tailored to your needs and your body.

-Myofascial Self Treatment with a therapy ball and the areas to specifically work on for your body. ( ball will be given to you, with handout too)

-Breath-work and meditation/visualization

How does this actually work? We talk so I can get a good understanding of what your needs are and we move and stretch together so I can SEE what you need. You will leave with a mini-class just for you! You can video me doing the routine for you, or I can video you as I instruct you doing the routine.

75 minutes: $175


Step 1: Book your session below.  OR scroll down to CONTACT ME with your questions…..

Step 2:  You will receive email confirmation and questions to answer before our session. 

ALL SET! I look forward to connecting with you!

If you have never done one of these sessions before please book the “FIRST SESSION” after that, you can book the regular one. Contact me below with your questions.

Calls only: 631-691-3409
Texts/ Calls: 631-552-5667


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