Something shifted in us all when the election results came in.  I am not writing about judgements, picking sides or anything of that sort so rest assured you can keep reading!

Let me tell you what happened to me because my story is not just mine.  I woke at 6 am on Wednesday. My first thought was to NOT check the results right away. I checked my intuition and it told me it was Trump who won. I was thinking my intuition was wrong, or that I wasn’t interpreting it accurately (ha).  I opened Facebook. Yes that is the first place I went because I knew I would get my answer immediately. I saw who won. Then something shifted. Immediately. I felt a deeper sense of strength going down into myself. Into my being. At the same time I felt the sense of standing taller. To shine. To be the leader that I know I am called to be even more.  

I wasn’t the only one who had this reaction right away. Others have had similar ones. It was not the majority’s reaction, but some of us lightworkers immediately got this download. We stepped into deeper roles as leaders, as lighthouses, as powerhouses.  I am not saying this from a place of conceitedness, I am saying this from a place of confidence, power and knowing.  It made my passion and mission clearer. I know now that I am here to help other lightworkers shine their light.  

You see all humans have intuition, powerful energy and manifesting abilities. It’s just that lightworkers are more “in the know” and are just more interested in it too.  Now, that doesn’t mean all lightworkers even know that they are lightworkers yet. Many beautiful souls walk this earth feeling different from the majority. Feel more sensitive, more emotional, more connected to the heartbeat of the world and of humanity. Lightworkers need other lightworkers. We need community. We need to connect with other conscious souls.  

I had the image of standing in a war zone, most everyone down, except me. I was standing there, ok, centered, clear, looking around for others still standing. That was the image I saw when I started to see and feel the intense energy of the collective in this country that day and several days after. The energy was chaotic and frantic at first, and angry, and unfortunately some people spiraled into violence.  

The message of love wasn’t received well. It wasn’t the appropriate time for most to even hear the word love. Most people needed to process their feelings, about it. This election triggered all sorts of deep trauma, ancient wounds.  Prejudice from all angles, woman’s rights, abuse, being violated, being mistreated, being held down metaphorically and literally, being judged for one’s spiritual and religious beliefs and the list goes on. Pre-election day, I processed a lot of these feeling inside myself as well.

Having a deep wound ripped open isn’t a bad thing. In fact it is an opportunity to feel it, process it, understand it and be free of it.  The only way out is through. However many are still pointing fingers. Many are still unsure what to do next.  Many are still struggling.  That is all ok.  We all process at different paces and it changes with each situation.

In any situation especially the most intense ones, we have two things going on. We have our triggered reactions, which are our deep emotions that surface from past traumas. This gives us the opportunity to feel, heal and let go. This is about US. This isn’t about figuring it out or about judging your reactions. This isn’t about others needing to agree or disagree with our feelings. This is about pure feeling/sensation/emotions that brings clarity and new places of empowerment.   

Then we have the desire to take action.  The thing is though, when we take action from a chaotic frantic place, we tend to do things that we might not actually want to do. Chaos is good but it isn’t clear and is best dealt with on the inside, in a therapeutic manner. An example would to get a healing/therapy session from someone, scream in your parked car, or home, beat up your bed, talk to a trusted friend who can hold space for you, any way to allow that chaotic energy to be expressed without harming another.  After that chaos period comes some clarity. That space after the release.  Yes, sadness might enter, yes we might cycle through other emotions again, but we can continue to process and act from a place of power.  

Extreme circumstances like these can actually make our mission and purpose in life clearer. We can choose to see the broader perspective, the big picture. We all experience anger, and anger is powerful and needed as all emotions are, however hanging out in anger for long periods of time doesn’t feel good. Anger that moves can feel good, anger that stagnates festers.  I have hung out in anger quite a bit so I know this from first hand experience.  

We can simultaneously totally own our feelings and also know that we can become empowered out of our binding/trapped/caged stifled circumstances.  We as humans have all felt disempowered but empowerment isn’t as familiar to most of us.  Like Marianne Williamson said “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”  Do you think I am talking bullshit? I understand.  It takes a willingness to step out of the norm, to stand in your power. When you are around people who are constantly disempowered in their lives, it takes a choice to be different.  Then you have to decide that it’s ok to choose your own empowerment over being liked by those that want to keep you small.

Empowerment and disempowerment is energy which can shift and change at any time. So it is something we can play with, explore and nudge ourselves into. It can be an easy flow, and doesn’t have to be a “black and white”, all or nothing deal.  

One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe.” Abraham-Hicks

This is why being in your power is not just about you, it is about all. You don’t have a heavy, burdened duty to find your power, you have a delicious duty to experience your own power in your life.  To relish in your sacred, sensual, vibrant, amazing power. Finding your power isn’t forgetting about the suffering of others, it actually helps you be an immense lighthouse and example for those that desperately need it. Your mere presence ripples out into the world.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been feeling this subtle fear. I am scared of this new place of power that I have entered. This next level, or layer. It is scary, unfamiliar, feels damn good, and at the same time there is this small part of me that is “waiting for the next shoe to drop.”  This is normal. This is my opportunity to process these feelings and keep going. This is my choice and my freedom.

So what is the moral of this weaving story?….Love is infinitely more powerful than fear. Fear is contracting, love is expanding. That you can choose your power amongst all the struggle, sadness, injustice, and wrong doings going on that you see in the world. You can see the good, the beautiful, the powerful, the simplicity, the rightness. You can find others who are in this same place, wanting to step into new places of power. You are not alone in this.  You are a power-source and you deserve to delight and feel enraptured by your own light.