As the summer solstice approaches on the 21st, many are feeling a lot of changes, shifts, and intense energy. This is normal right now. Much is happening collectively. We are purging what no longer serves us, being shown our next step, and possibly choosing to change direction in areas of our lives. Whether the outside world would think these changes are big or small, to the individual, it can feel huge, because really it is about our relationship to the situation.

Sometimes the act of fully admitting what our true desires are to ourselves can be radical! This is always the first step. Sometimes once you fully admit your own truth to yourself, you look back and see the trail that got you there. How you might have had a lot of signs along the way you didn’t fully notice, or that were whispers that kept calling you forward to your next step.

This process can feel like many things, exciting, vulnerable, scary, uncertain, beautiful, in alignment, and at times like you are asking yourself WTF is going on?

I hear you on all accounts and can say that I am no stranger to change! And, if you desire, I can support you on these transitions.

BUT before I go on, I am going to share a change that is going on in my life.

I will no longer be practicing Myofascial Release. This might come as a surprise to you. Here are the things I wish to share about it:

1: This isn’t something I have done on a whim, it is something that I thought about and sat with for a while.

2: This doesn’t mean that I feel MFR isn’t helpful or important. MFR is VERY important to many people and it will always be the main form of manual therapy I will suggest for people. MFR and its principles are embodied knowledge for me and are part of WHO I am and how I function as a human body, as a Yoga and Movement teacher, as a dancer myself, and as a mentor. It is simply that I am called to focus on other things.

3: I made this choice from my deepest heart space and my highest alignment. Sometimes these callings are not logical at all. In fact, they rarely are.

So there it is. Now, what am I actually doing?

Assisting spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and empaths in embodying and living from their highest knowing, inner power, deepest purpose and unique spark.


Mentoring: Assisting you in living from your innermost place, your inner knowing, your alignment, your heart. We go deep. I see you to your core. You see and feel yourself in a deeper more clear way. Clarity is the key to move forward. You gain massive insight, energetic and body shifts, you transform and you go forth and be you in the world. (from anywhere in the world or in-person)

Marconics Energy sessions: Assisting in ascension and helping you to assimilate the current intense energies and frequencies by raising your vibration higher which allows for clearing and healing density/karma/trauma and also creates the space to potentially integrate with your Higher self energy. This gives you the opportunity to be more in alignment with your highest knowing helping you to become freer and more empowered in your life and beyond. (in-person + Distance)

Self Care Sessions: Self Care is Self Love in Practice. Creating a personalized 5, 10, or 15-minute yoga/movement/meditation or MFR self Treatment routine for you to use in your life on a daily basis regardless of how busy you are. (in-person only)

Classes and workshops

Each above offering is linked to a page that you can read more on it. I have been doing all of this for many years in different forms, so even though some it if seems different, it is also deeply anchored in the experience I have had with clients since 2006 and teaching yoga, movement, meditation, and spirituality for over 15 years. My focus is more specific, more intense, more heart-centered and more aligned.

Please reach out to me with your questions!