The word alignment is definitely a buzzword, but what does it mean? I want to break it down and give you some insight.

“Alignment: A position of agreement or alliance.“

Coming into alignment with your highest aspects, higher self, consciousness, God, the aspect of you that is much larger than who you think you are, is a shift. It is an energetic, mental, emotional shift. It isn’t just about thought processes, and it isn’t just about feelings. It is about all of it as we are energy or vibration. The energy around us we cannot see with our physical eyes the same way we can see a chair or our hand, but we know through science, that the “space between” isn’t empty.

Alignment starts with a decision or a desire to “align” or to come into communion with your highest aspects.

The same goes for coming into alignment with anything like a change in your health, a new home, and anything else. We have to do the inner aspects to get the outer results. We are doing this all the time easily without knowing it. The areas that trip us up are the areas that we need some help with. Getting into alignment is an all-encompassing thing. It doesn’t negate the action that we have to take, the medical procedures we must go through, the house hunting we will do….alignment though, our vibrational relationship is the CORE, center and the fuel for the results we desire. We can’t get the results without aligning.

When we align with the aspects of ourselves like our heart space, our embodied knowing we have clarity, enhanced trust and a grounding that can’t be achieved by thinking processes alone. We need our minds for sure, in fact, we are great focusers, but when the aspects of our minds that are in deep fear, worry, hamster wheel ruminating, self-judgment and “not good enough” thoughts run the show and take the driver’s seat, life is a very different unfolding. Those thoughts and paradigms are dictating how things are going to go, and what choices you make!

So as humans we have to remember that we are constantly moving and shifting from different focus points. There is no perfection, and certainly fear isn’t the enemy. Our darkness can’t be fought away with a stick. That creates more resistance in our being which can amplify what we are pushing away. We have to be with what is surfacing inside of us like fear or any other feeling, allow it to flow, allow ourselves to shift out of that paradigm when ready and embody the lessons learned from the experience.

So when we align or come into agreement with what we desire, we are a vibrational match for it. The journey is getting there- to vibrational alignment- as you clear what isn’t serving you in the process.

Then, repeat, repeat, repeat!!