Bask in your yes when you can fully allow what you want in. Bask in it. Lay in that gorgeous sun of YES and relish. It feels so good to know you can have what you desire whether that is an inner state you desire to embody, a type of success, a relationship or anything else.  

When you think of the things you want, do you feel a sense of heaviness or lightness? Because when you think of what you want and it feels heavy, you don’t believe you can fully have it. There could be several aspects of this for you but essentially your switch is turned to NO or off.

You might desire something but your switch is set to NO. You want it but you also are saying NO to it. When the switch is turned to YES, it is likened to turning the sign on your shop to OPEN. Now everyone knows you are ready to serve them breakfast. Lights are on, coffee is brewing and the cook is in the kitchen.

I help people clear and release the vibrations that stop them from embodying what they want. Find out how: