It is so important to re-center and retrieve your energy back to you, your body, your attention, and your consciousness. 

It was day 5 of 6 of our family vacation. We had been spending a beautiful time with extended family, attending my cousin’s wedding, doing lots of swimming and enjoying the sun and good food.

Day 5 after returning to our room from breakfast, our intentions were to go to the beach. We were flying home the next day from Florida and wanted to spend as much time as we could swimming and lounging just the 3 of us, my husband, my 5-year-old and myself.

But we were tired and somewhat low in energy plus I felt “peopled” and “parented” out. So even though the sun and the sea were beckoning us, the bed was beckoning even more. We all got cozy on the bed, my husband ready to nap, my daughter watching some cartoons and I engrossed in a game on my phone for the next hour or so.

That hour of full on being in my own inner space with no judgment was completely recharging and mood changing.

I went IN. I could have had a marching band in my room and would have been unfazed. I was so focused on being with myself and solely myself that I wasn’t concerned with anything around me, even though I was right next to my daughter and husband. I shifted big in that small amount of time.

It is so powerful and integral to re-center and retrieve your energy back to you, your body, your attention, and your consciousness.

If you are empathic, your energy might spread around and attach to others more than you realize (so make sure you bring your energy back to you and cut cords when needed).

However, this goes for ALL human beings. Doing what you need to realign, recharge and re-center is really step 1.

Because wouldn’t you rather be able to fully enjoy your life especially the things you love instead of being burnt and cranky unable to access your full joy?

Because wouldn’t you rather take a little time to change your whole outlook on your life than just push through waiting for a “better time” to nourish yourself?

It is so easy to listen to the thoughts that tell you your actions are more important than your presence and vibration. That who you are is the sum of what you do.

However, this is false and it has caused ALL humans a lot of suffering because there will never be enough accomplishments and actions to take to satisfy that train of thought. You might get momentarily satisfied, but just like a new toy that loses its appeal, so does that accomplishment or action.

What if your actions could come from a deeper place? One where you felt a deeper sense of fulfillment from inside yourself? One where you weren’t holding any checklists about what you need to do to be a worthy human? 

Because I am not saying accomplishments are wrong or not important. They ARE! However, if you only see yourself as an accomplishment you are missing the whole of you.

Listening to how you feel and honoring the space you need to re-center, re-assess your inner state, and bring yourself back to yourself allows you to BE in your deeper place of presence and power.

Taking action from this place, living life from this place, meeting goals and accomplishing things from this place is a completely different paradigm. One with more inner intention, purpose and presence and fulfillment. 

But you have to take the time to go IN.

After our time in bed, we all went to the ocean and had an amazing time together. I was refreshed, eyes sparkling, appreciating everything I was drinking in from life at that moment (the pic above is me at the beach fully enjoying myself). Our recharged quality time together was way more valuable and fulfilling than the “quantity” time we would have had pushing ourselves to the beach without the rest we were yearning for.

Be radical in your life. Take the time to be with yourself and honor your inner state, your inner compass, and your inner desires.

The things that can come of it are beyond comprehension.

If you spend a lot of time feeling cranky and unfulfilled I can guarantee you aren’t honoring yourself in some capacity and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t miss out on working with me in some capacity.

I can help you find more of your vibrancy, the sparkle in your eye, and the fulfillment you are desiring. I can help you re-align back to YOU on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Your energy doesn’t have to be spread out overly concerned with other people all the time.

You don’t have to put your needs and desires on the back burner. 

You don’t need to walk around feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. 

It just doesn’t need to be that way. No taking one for the team. Your inner state is yours to command and only yours.

Reach out to me and find out how I can help you.