In the present moment, everything is right here.


This is a hard concept to wrap the mind around. The mind functioning in a linear timeframe sees things as a step by step unfolding. Like a pathway, as one thing happens another thing is lined up to happen, and also something just happened.

In the NOW moment, everything is happening. In this now moment we are thinking about the past and future. In this now moment we are bringing thoughts and memories into the now moment. This doesn’t mean the things that have already happened or are yet to happen aren’t important.

This is an inner paradigm shift. One that does honestly take time to grasp and then continues to anchor as your truth if you choose so. As we continue to evolve and ascend as humans, we are being called to release some of the deep grips of linear time. It is so interesting because this is not a new concept really. Many ancient traditions that speak about forms of meditation and being in full embodied presence speak about the concept that ALL IS NOW.

What is the purpose of releasing and untangling ourselves from the concept of linear time?

It is a step forward in our evolution as we become more embodied empowered and enlightened human beings. “Spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Why else? It is a paradigm shift into heightened levels of freedom. Liberation. Liberation from constructs that have kept us in stress and fear. Constructs that tell us we have to do things in a certain time frame as society dictates, that it takes “this long” to get good at this or that….limitations on our successes and limitations on our expansion.

Think about how many things you might carry inside of you that are based on time….

How about your health, related to your age? What limitations are there? Do you have to be frail at a certain age? How about what is possible for you based on age?

How about how long it takes to be successful in your career or craft?

How about what you deserve for yourself based on “dues paid”?

How about the time you are waiting for to give yourself the self-care that you desire? One day when….

How about waiting for all the circumstances to be just right to accept yourself as you are?

Now that I have anchored this concept into your tangible life does this make more sense? Releasing the inner constructs of linear time does not mean we don’t exist in linear time on the day today. We can function in linear time and be UNBOUND by it.

Liberation. Freedom. As beings, we seek freedom, love, expansion, unhindered joy. Yet it becomes covered up by many of the things I mentioned above.

The inner journey, the spiritual journey, if you are consciously on one, is one of PEELING layers of old paradigms, limitations, and chains that you have been carrying for a long time. We all have them. There is no blame in this. It takes courage, honoring who you are, support, and a choice.

This journey of liberation… this what you seek?

I am here as a spiritual and ascension guide, mentor/coach and a facilitator of healing and clearing what no longer serves you through Mentoring/Coaching, Myofascial Release therapy, Marconic Energy Sessions, and classes.

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