Unfortunately, facts will never be enough for you. Many are realizing now more than ever that inner discernment is where it is at. The cultivation of your own inner discernment is not based solely on your intellectual knowledge, the culmination of facts over time that has been put together to understand something, the experiential knowledge you have, or anything else that has been accumulated until this now moment. 

Discernment is an inner KNOWING that the human being is being asked to cultivate and nurture more than ever. Like tilling, planting, sowing, and reaping a bountiful garden, your inner discernment needs the same. 

It is a deeper level of inner trust. One that is not attached to time or relational data.

I have spoken about this over many years working with clients because basically there is evidence for most things out there. Most therapies, most diets, most lifestyles, etc. How does one decide? Does one continue to research forever? YES, research is amazing, and it is important to collect the information you are being called to collect. But what next? 

Do you go with what someone else is doing? Do you go with what the professionals or experts are saying to do?

You go with what YOU are called to do. Let’s get right down to it. There is an aspect of you that is more in the KNOW that the conscious linear mind. EVERYONE has felt this before many times yet they might not have paid attention to it. 

It is a FEELING, a SENSE. An “intuition”. Some people reading this are saying, “Vanessa this is old news DUH.” 

The thing is, we are in all different places with this. Those that have been living from higher knowing for a while are being called higher. Being called to TRUST even more. Being called to DISCERN even when there is SO MUCH being said about this time RIGHT NOW in history.

It behooves us to go within. Your strength and power of who you are and what is KNOWN by you is so much more immense than the accumulation of knowledge from this one lifetime. PLEASE do yourself an act of love, and take the time to sit with your breath, the callings of your heart and the pure knowing.

Command you ALIGN with yourself at source and ask the questions you need to know. DO NOT ask outside of yourself. Ask inside.

If you are typically asking external beings, take a moment to ask within instead. Decide you will clearly and easily be able to DECIDE what is absolutely right for you based on what you are choosing for yourself in this free-will universe. 

Are you deciding to go higher? Are you deciding to ascend? Are you deciding to expand your consciousness? Are you deciding to live even more authentically as who you are?

The only person who can tell you what path that will be for you is YOU. But you have to choose.

When you see something in the news, or on social media and it feels ICKY. Know that that is something you can choose not to participate in. Know that you can choose something different, align with that, and take the path of the reality you want. External action will have to be taken, but it can be from your aligned knowing instead of fear. 

There is another level of mastery calling you forward during this time. Everyone’s next level is different. 

Now more than ever, many are realizing there is no ONE absolute truth to anything happening on this earth. So which truth is yours?