Do you ever wonder:

Is what I am experiencing a medical issue? Spiritual clearing? Energetic shifting? Ascension symptoms? Emotional trauma? Physical dysfunction?

How should I address it? Should I even address it at all? Should I go to the doctor? Healer? Therapist? Meditate? Change my diet? Go on medication? Get some rest?


I have heard these questions many times over the years and frankly, it took me time to come to truly integrate the perspective I am about to share with you.

The short answer is:

It is ALL of those things.

Put your seatbelts on friends, We are going on an adventure into a new perspective and you will have souvenirs to return with. This will bring you new insights clarity, and paradigm shifts.

First, I want to share that I believe and embody WHOLISM: definition straight from Google:

the theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts.

the treating of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.”

I want to share a personal story that took me to another level of true understanding with being wholistic.

Years ago I was somewhat of a judgemental alternative medicine person.

You know, I said I was into “whatever works” for someone, but inside I would actually be judgemental sometimes and would compare what I would do to what others would do.

I had a powerful experience in 2009. I got eczema all over my body minus my face, neck, and hands. I spent weeks sleeping horribly, being incredibly itchy and not taking medication to help me decrease the itch and sleep better. I took some herbs and let it ride.

I finally showed up at an acupuncturist office and when I told him something around “wanting to treat it alternatively or without western drugs” he looked at me and said (paraphrasing, because I can’t remember the exact words) “Just because you want to treat it alternatively doesn’t mean you don’t TREAT it.”  The look on his face I won’t forget.

As a side note, my Mom is an amazing Wholistic Nurse Practitioner in internal medicine and I was consulting her, but there is only so much a Mama can say to a stubborn daughter because ultimately I had to decide what to do for myself. She helped me immensely through the whole thing.

So what happened is this.

I got acupuncture regularly for a while. It helped me deal with the stress and fear that was causing the eruption on my skin in the first place. I had just taken over a bigger office space for my Massage Therapy practice without partners and it was a huge leap for me.
I changed my diet because what I was eating was only making it worse.

I took Zyrtec at night for the itch and to sleep better.

All my symptoms went away eventually, except the surface skin spots that had diminished but weren’t gone. They no longer itched and they weren’t screaming a message at me anymore. I had addressed it. So I went to a western Dermatologist who gave me steroid cream. I used it for a few days. It went away and that was that.

Here are the takeaways from this:

1: If I had only gone to a Dermatologist without addressing the underlying issues, it would have returned right away after coming off the steroid cream. NO, I can’t give you proof, but I know it inside myself. The itch I had was DEEP inside my body, almost creepy crawly.

2: I needed the dermatologist to help me too. It probably would have gone away eventually after all the other things I did, but that might have taken a while and summer was coming.

3: It started from a transition which was very scary for me even though I was guided intuitively. This leap I took shook me to my core. My energy was scattered and on edge. I needed to see it, feel it, realign with my higher truth, and continue forward. I needed ALL of the remedies that I used.

4: Being TRULY wholistic is being willing to see it ALL and consider ALL treatment options. Wholistic doesn’t mean being only “alternative” it means encompassing ALL.

5: In the beginning, I wasn’t listening to my inner guidance I was listening to my limiting and rigid beliefs. Even though it isn’t wrong to not want certain drugs, we can certainly have our preferences, for me I wasn’t tuning into what I need which wasn’t serving me and caused me more suffering.

From then on my judgemental mindset changed into a more open and accepting one.

This is my story. I made the choices that I made at the moment with what was most aligned for me. Every person’s story is different. This is not a map for someone else. It is a broader perspective demonstrated through a story told.

Over 13 years of working with clients 1-1 and seeing ALL sorts of chronic pain, injuries, autoimmune issues, emotional traumas, energetic things, and spiritual awarenesses, I can tell you that ALL of these perspectives are valid, blended and true.

Let’s take some examples of this type of theory…

Chinese medicine will diagnose something a certain way.

Chiropractic will diagnose something a certain way.  

A primary care physician will diagnose something a certain way.

A Massage Therapist will diagnose something a certain way.

A healer will diagnose something a certain way.

Then there is a wide variety of each individual practitioner and how they will diagnose or view something a certain way.

There are so many ways to explain something. And the ONE common factor is YOU.

YOU are at the center of your life. Your symptoms. Your triumphs. Your spiritual awareness and awakening. Your moment to moment life. YOU.

Western medicine falls short with seeing the broader perspective but it also saves lives, is incredibly necessary and valuable, and there are a LOT of amazing people in the field.

Alternative medicine typically has the foundation of supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself which is amazing yet it can also fall short depending on the type of alternative care or treatment because each has their own specific methodologies

One thing I love that John Barnes said when I first sat in front of him at Myofascial Release 1 was:

“Healthcare forgot about consciousness.”

This conversation isn’t about Myofascial Release either, because it also has its own way of treating the body, even though it is a rare type of therapy that really does look at the big picture for assessing and treating.

Yet I want to pull back, even more, to make this clear for you.

Everything you experience is part of you.

It is here for your evolution, your learning, your joy, your expansion. Your symptoms are part of a larger conversation which is YOU and you are not just physical, not just energetic, not just thoughts or emotions, you are all of those things functioning as one. Truly one.

This isn’t about blaming oneself for “how did I get here?” This is about understanding that YOU are at the center of it all and that means that YOU truly have all your own answers and ability to create a new reality releasing what you don’t want and expanding the parts of your reality that you love.

Because YOU can feel in any moment what is RIGHT and ALIGNED for you. Whether that be going to your doctor, healer, taking a vacation, going back to bed, choosing that new job etc. YOU are in the driver’s seat.

So YES what we experience IS our spiritual journey. AND it DOES sometimes show up in our physical body and emotions, energy field, and our life experiences. It IS a bigger picture. Always. But that doesn’t mean we have to linearly figure it out in our mind all the time. “Why did this happen?” NO. That is not the answer. That will drive you crazy and is unnecessary.

Every moment shouldn’t be an overthinking of ‘why” which pulls us out of present moment time and into our head too much which leads us away from our guidance.

What we can do is see it for the larger perspective. Pull back, take the learning, see how we are actually being supported on our journey, heal, free ourselves, find more love and continue onward as we always do.

The things that feel bigger and more impactful to us or that have come back over and over in different forms should be looked at deeper.


Because that is how you will release the cycle that isn’t serving you so you can truly move on.

What really trips people up with this conversation is “What do I do then? Do I treat it medically or spiritually, or energetically?”

It is all of those things. It took me time to truly own and blend these seemingly different perspectives. Blend that our body is denser energy. Blend that we are spirit embodied. Blend that when we look back we can see our story unfold in an interesting and synchronistic way. Blend that our physical reality is also our inner reality.  And KNOW that the way things show up for us is unique to us.


That is my suggestion every time. Yes, it seems too simple or even too much of a blanket statement, yet that is all you can do. Why? Because there are theories, experiences and science backing most things up like a variety of supplements, medicine, therapies, lifestyle changes, diets……how can a person decide? By seeking more and more facts? There is a point where we have to say.

“OK, I just read all this stuff and listened to all these specialists now what? What is RIGHT for ME RIGHT NOW?”

And Your “RIGHT CHOICE RIGHT NOW” won’t be the same for someone else in your situation. Nor will it ALWAYS be your “RIGHT CHOICE RIGHT NOW.”

The amount of judgment that can come into these types of health choices is unbelievable. I see it all over social media and in my clients’ stories. They are either being judged for their choices and for who they are, or they are also judging others for their choices which can stop them from moving forward because it causes them to question their own choices.

I’ve been mentoring others through my work for years and what I truly embody is that each person has THEIR path and there are SO many layers and lessons in it that to place “RIGHT” and “WRONG” blanket statements on anything is simply not “reality” or helpful. And when I say “reality” I mean the present moment reality of ALL THAT IS when we show up in our lives. Not the thought construct of what should be right, but what is really presenting to us.

So that is why my work with people REGARDLESS of how I am working with someone is to help them KNOW who they are, what their present moment guidance is around what they are struggling with and how to move forward. That is what I call “embodiment” of who you are. Because YOU are the center of your world and it is about time you, and WE as a human species embrace that. Embrace the power that you hold inside of you.

I know all the nuances of how to help you get IN to your body, into your awareness, and into your intuition. I know how to help you get crystal clarity on who you are and what your purpose is. I know how to show you what your own guidance and resonance feels like and how to know what is right for you in the present moment.  I know how to help you align with your highest aspect of self.

There are so many ways IN. Your way IN will also change as time goes on. The more we live IN the more comfortable and confident we are at really listening to our inner guidance and what our bodies are telling us.

I have worked with people with various diagnoses. I have worked with people struggling emphatically in energetic overwhelm and drain. I have worked with people who are ready to go to their next level. I have worked with people ready to truly shine in their lives in the way their heart has been calling them.

Yet where to start is always the same. Go within. Listen. Feel. Then the next step unfolds.

Going within is the pathway to healing and transformation. It is the WAY the body speaks to us and transforms. It is the way we feel our emotions to move through them.

There is a lot more to what I do, but the essence is just that. I hold a broader perspective while I am working with my clients and they feel it even if they don’t know it.

They feel on a higher level, that I SEE them. That I am cheering them on to fully embody themselves at the highest level. They also feel that I know anything is possible and that I honor and respect where they are at one their journey.

When someone holds space for another, if they think the person is limited in some way, the other person will feel in on a vibrational level. It can even limit the ability for them to facilitate healing and transformation in the person they are helping. It happens. We are human. But I have spent years deconstructing that old limiting reality inside myself and how I approach my clients and students so I can be the lighthouse for them to embody their own inner light.

This is what I do and this is who I am. I am deeply human and I too have to guide myself back IN, yet it is very practiced for me.

This is part of my gift. I can see you and know you. I can help you to quickly and easily know for yourself so that you can transform and move forward.

It is always exciting when I see the light bulb turn on when someone sees and knows their situation very clearly. It is a powerful pivot point for them altering their future forever more.

I don’t want people to feel like a victim to their symptoms, issues, and situations being fearful of when the next shoe will drop. I want people to own their power and inner guidance and take the reigns of their own life creation.

In this moment you can take a deep breath. Feel yourself. Ask “What do I need to focus on right now?” Then listen and move forward.

When I say  “you are more powerful than you realize,” It isn’t fluff or just a meme on social media. I truly mean it from my heart to yours.

Don’t you want to feel more and more of the power that is you? Don’t you want to really see what YOU are about? Do you want to make empowered choices in your life consistently?

I am available for those who are ready to take a powerful step on their transformational journey in a very supportive way. You can do it alone but you shouldn’t always have to. Help is here. I am here. Transformation will happen working with me, goals will be reached, and you will have tools to carry with you forever.

Are you feeling stuck but desire change? Click here to talk to me about how I can help you with that. 

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