Did you know that life could be easier by shifting your awareness to ease and inviting ease into your life? It might not always feel that simple but it is completely possible and the more you practice it the easier it gets!

What if it was easier? How would that feel? How much more energy would you have? How much more in sync with the universal flow of life would you feel?

Ease is an inner state, a vibration, a choice.  

Nature is always in flow and ease even in its harshest storms. Whenever I witness a storm, I still feel a sense of calm presence emanating from nature. Do you agree? That’s just one example of the feeling of ease. Noticing the trees blowing in the breeze and the birds flying in sync, yes that is ease also.  

However, you might be wondering how in the hell you are suppose to incorporate ease into your life, as a human being! I hear you, I am getting there. We just have to practice the feeling of ease or making things easier in each situation. It’s a surrendering.  It feels like a flow, like less effort.  These are actual sensations in our bodies, energy, mind, and emotions. Ease feels softer.

Struggle and working hard feels rigid, harder,  like you are exerting a ton of energy for very little results. That’s frustrating! This isn’t black and white either. It isn’t a switch. It has lots of grey area. Let me be clear though, this doesn’t mean that ease equals a day at the beach and struggle equals a day in a cubicle working. Ease is an inner state and a state of mind which can be brought into any situation.  Ease isn’t a personality trait or specific outward actions, it’s a feeling and a choice to be in ease.  It’s a perspective shift and a paradigm shift.  

If this is a new concept to you, you might be wondering how all the situations you are struggling with can be easier. It can. It happens gradually. It is making a commitment to yourself, and the deep desire for ease and flow.  It is small things, baby steps.  It is noticing how it feels when things flow and when things don’t.  Self awareness is always the first step.

The more aware you are of when you are and aren’t feeling ease, the more you can tap into the feeling of ease easier when you aren’t in ease!!!! (HAHA that’s kind of a tongue twister)

Ease is letting go of the control of everything you really don’t have control over, which is essentially everything besides your inner state. Creating or manifesting your life on your own terms actually comes from letting go. Visioning/dreaming, then, letting go and trusting that you will be guided to the next step, then the next and the next. It’s not control, it’s letting go and allowing it to be easy.

4 Tips on How to Incorporate Ease into Your Life.

1: First thing in the morning acknowledge the intention for ease. Take a breath and bring it in! 

2: Do some form of meditation to help you feel more grounded, centered, and in a state of ease (like the free grounding meditation you received from me).  

3: Notice when you are struggling, and ask your intuition (for guidance) on how to make this situation easier.  “How can this be easier? “ (Intuitive tip: asking clearly helps you to get a clear answer).

4: Play with the idea of what ease feels like. Remember situations from your past where things just flowed. How did it feel? Play with the word ease and see what it feels like to you in your body and emotions, not just what you are thinking, but FEELING.

Ease is fun to play with, so don’t make your desire for ease a “working hard” journey.  Make it fun and playful, taking the pressure off yourself to get it “right.” Let me know how it is going for you! Pop a comment into the box below!