Hi Friends,

Our emotions are meant to be felt. After they move through our bodies, a space opens. In that space is clarity, insight and evolution of our being.  

It doesn’t matter where the emotions came from. It doesn’t matter if you went through a huge change in your life, a heartbreak, or a shitty restaurant experience. Emotions are emotions. Many times our emotional triggers run deeper. That’s the thing about emotions. Current circumstances can trigger deeper wounds. That’s why it’s important to honor your feelings regardless of the who, what, where, when, why.

Over the past 10 plus years, I have learned how to deeply process my feelings.  Learning and receiving  Myofascial Release taught me how to feel, emote and move through to get to deeper and deeper places of power. It is a never ending journey, one that is beautiful, terrifying, humorous, and wonderful.

What I know to be true is that many people don’t really know how to process their emotions. It is innate and simple however somewhere along our journey, we learned to suppress, avoid, favor certain emotions over others, and therefore not allow the natural flow that are emotions or “ENERGY IN MOTION.”

So how do we do it?

First comes awareness. We have to be aware of what we are feeling to then hold space for ourselves and allow the emotions to flow.  Awareness is a beautiful practice.

Then we have to say and start believing that “ All my emotions are ok!” Because they are!  Feeling our emotions is different than taking them out on someone.  Therapeutically processing our emotions allows for the full spectrum of feelings to rise and pass through. This doesn’t condone violence or lashing out at people or animals. You can lash out on a pillow, a punching bag, among other inanimate objects. You can use music to help facilitate the physical movement you need in a way that is therapeutic and helpful.  When you do this regularly, you will lash out less at people because you will feel released and clear.  

How to feel your emotions. SINK INTO YOUR BODY. Yes, breathe and feel. Feel into your inner spaces of your being. Feel into your arms, torso, hips, neck, head face, legs….feel all your body and allow it to take the lead. Allow your body to guide you through movement, sound and breath. Our bodies are amazingly intelligent. Just like you feel an orgasm, feel a large glass of cold water going in, feel yourself walking on the ground and feel your body dance to your favorite music, is how you feel your emotions. Emotions are sensation. When we can let our thoughts take the back seat, our feelings take the lead and it really is a beautiful unfolding.

After the release is SPACE. That space is where our clarity, insight, power and transformational results are. YES we can’t skip the FEELING STEP! It seems like a paradox…” You mean I have to jump into the chaos, the feelings I don’t like and the world wind, to feel more calm presence, power, joy, love, abundance, freedom and more?”
“Yes friends, YES YES YES!”  

When we just suppress, think it away, or hold our emotions at arm’s length, we start to become stuck, stagnant and pent up like a bomb that is about to explode.  When we start processing our amazing emotions we can feel the depth and expansiveness of all the good stuff we want to feel like love, and joy, and happiness, and elation and and and more, but we have to become friends with our sorrow, our pain and our anxiety.  

At first this is freaking scary. Yes.  It’s scary because it is unfamiliar and feels out of control, but it is so worth it. It gets easier and easier too. You are not meant to do it alone either. You might need help at times from someone like me who can hold space for you, or another professional. You need wonderful friends or at least one friend who can hold space for you too. You need groups and communities who understand the power of all of this.  If you don’t have it, seek it.  

When we process our emotions regularly, it becomes no big deal.  When we feel, and then find that space, that opening, we learn to shine our light even brighter each time. We stand in our power even more each time. We release old triggers and patterns that don’t have to control our current life experience.  We learn about of own inner freedom, our desires, our passions our love, and our purpose.  Every human has had this experience. We have ALL shined, or are shining. We are ALL always flowing through emotions on some level, but when we are consciously allowing this process it is even more powerful!  

When we are in our power and shine our light, we are a beautiful example to all around us. There is nothing we have to do, we can just be.  From that place we do get deep inspiration to take action, and it can flow. A person of power is a million times more powerful than one who is coming from fear, hate and limitation.  Inner power, presence, love and expansiveness is in a whole other league. It is a force for massive change.

Shine Friends Shine!