A morning ritual is a simple ritual or marking of a moment when you start your day. As a lovely soul living this human experience, it can be so easy to just get up and go. It happens. Sometimes the “tangible” things feel more important but really, a moment of pause, of intention and of breath, can change how the whole day unfolds.  Mine currently is a few minutes, usually in the kitchen.   It includes grounding, breath, settling into my body, aligning with my powerful presence, and whatever else I feel in the moment. It isn’t long, it isn’t hard, but it is necessary for my life. It isn’t long, it isn’t hard, but it is necessary for my life.

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I find that we all need reminders of the basic yet profound things that work, and morning rituals work.  It is why ceremonies have been such a part of cultures for so long. It is a marking of a point in time. A right of passage, or a celebration. If we don’t do that, we are bound to just keep going and easily forget to relish and notice these moments. The morning is one of them.

5 Reasons to have a Morning Ritual.

1: Your day is chosen by you. When you have a morning ritual, you are deliberately choosing to take a pause, set an intention, meditate or be with yourself.  This then sets the tone for your day, by YOU.

2: You get to enjoy a moment. Yes, you get to make something important, and wonderful for yourself to start your day. You get to NOT just run into the day and wait for later to rest or take it all in. You can take in the morning. Take a breath. Take in the reminder of who you are, what you desire, how you want to feel, and that you are enough.

3: Start your day grounded and focused. Grounding in the morning is paramount for all people and especially the sensitive souls, lightworkers, empaths, and spiritual seekers in this world. It is so so so important!In the morning it is easier to get a foothold and for the grounded-ness to carry into your day, instead of waiting when you are energetically all over the place. At that point, instead of spending a couple of minutes grounding, it might take much longer to recover from the overwhelm.

4: Because THIS is not just about you. NOPE, it is about the others who you will be around also. You get to show up in a way that is more focused, present, and intentional. That is a gift to you and others.

5: Because self-care is easiest when it starts first thing. A few minutes of self-care in the morning creates a pattern of self-care for the rest of the day. A morning ritual doesn’t have to be long. It can be a few minutes and it is oh so wonderful.

Do you have a morning ritual? If so, let me know what you do! I would love to hear what works for you!