If you can acknowledge that you have fear,
Then you are also acknowledging that there is a part of you that is not the fear.

The part of you that is not fear is observing, witnessing and acknowledging the fear.

The observer part is far greater and more vast than the fear.

The fear is real. It’s bodily, mental and energetic.

Yet it isn’t all of you.

Knowing this is powerful. Sitting with this is powerful.

You can choose, decide and act from the part that is not fear, even if you have fear.

You can realize that your fear is not all of who you are and you can become a master at holding space for fear. You can become a master at not resisting fear. You can become a master at loving the fear.

Then watch it dissolve. Then the fear has no power. It’s like taking the wind out of its sails because you embody the realization that your fear can not control you. You are far greater and more powerful than your fearful thoughts and gripping sensations. And like a loving parent you can then see this chaos for what it is.

There is nothing “wrong” with fear. Self judgment does not serve you, it glues you.

Once you know what to do with fear and how to be with it, then you are free. Then healing happens quicker and with more ease. Then you won’t spend so much time in fear.

????Let your greater presence shine through. ????