We are called to go deeper.


I wanted to share something that might be helpful to some, especially my fellow white friends.
Everywhere in our lives, we have areas we are unclear or unaware of. Saying “I am not racist” right away without stopping and going deeper first to see what’s there isn’t what the journey is about if you are choosing to be consciously here on this planet now.
Here is a very general example. Let’s say you said, “I am empowered and strong.” Yet one day you find yourself in a situation where you felt and acted very small and insignificant. What happened? Well, you weren’t aware of the area in your life where you weren’t empowered and strong, yet you just found out from that situation. It was an unconscious reaction and action being taken that was disempowered.
The same goes for racism. It is at a very superficial level to say simply “I am not racist” without first going deeper and seeing what is there that you aren’t aware of.
Helping people with their healing process, I have seen this over and over in every area of people’s lives very intimately. We aren’t aware until we are.
We as children and adults watch others. Especially as children, we absorb how someone talks, acts, mannerisms, postures, physical characteristics, and more. So if racism is embedded in the USA, it would then make sense that you at some point or in many instances picked up something that is racist and prejudiced. Maybe it is an inner thought, a feeling, and/or an action.
So the choice comes to do the inner work. Inner work is just as important as action because action stemming from the embodied understanding is that much more powerful. It is a process, a journey, and it doesn’t have to be publicly displayed on social media unless you want it to.
I personally have found and continue to find it eye-opening the things I have discovered about myself in regard to racism and it didn’t just start for me this week. But I am here to expand and everything I observe, experience, and get triggered by is part of that.

If we are here to continually evolve and really embrace true unity, it does have to start with the individual inner work.

Secondly, the “all lives matter” situation I want to comment on, and I am not saying anything that hasn’t been already said. Essentially all lives matter is a given. Just as much as we don’t start every conversation with “And because of gravity I have my two feet on the ground…” The thing is, unfortunately, black lives haven’t mattered as much as white lives in this society. So we are spotlighting that with “black lives matter.”
I read an article that shared a metaphor about this and said something like “ you don’t go into a cancer benefit and yell, IBS is important too.” One is not negating the other. Your personal suffering isn’t being negated by the focus on racism.
This is the process of clearing and releasing these deep programs of division, hate, and fear that need to be moved through and it is about each person doing their own work. So if you are triggered, feel free to pause and ask yourself what it is all about, it is your choice.