We have been called to go deeper.

This quarantine time has given the circumstances or the push for us to go deeper when regular life was disrupted very suddenly. The macrocosm is that many aspects of life were shut down. The microcosm is that we were called to turn the focus inward navigating these new waters regardless of if you were, home, working, sick, teaching, caring for others, adapting to it all, learning new skills, or having some wonderful rest. 

As things are starting to re-open and life changes once again, we know things can’t be as they were simply because much has changed. We have changed. It is inevitable. You are not who you were yesterday or last week ever and since these past few months have been an experience for all, of course, we can’t go back. 

As you continue on, whether that looks the same as before on the outside or not, you know you are different inside. You are. 

The same goes for the macrocosm. Much has been learned through this process as a human race and much will evolve from it on all levels. This is just the beginning of more awareness of many things on many levels. 

Much is coming to the surface to be seen, understood, and healed. There is much chaos and destruction of old paradigms of reality, and this will create space to rebuild from new vantage points. Of course, we get to choose our vantage point. Chaos brings clarity. After the breakdown, the breakthrough.


I want to encourage you to stay in your own lane.


To know that what you are called to do is unique for you right now. This is the time to align with yourself and feel your “
knowing from a deeper place, then take action from that place. To turn inward, feel, and know. If this feels blurry, ask yourself inwardly the questions you want answers to and then listen. Take the space and time to do so every day. Being with yourself in a quiet space, along with self-care and inner work is most important and equally important to taking action. Action stems from your vibration. So several people taking the same action can have very different results depending on their varied vibrational stances. 

Know that some people are called to take action in certain ways that you might not be called to and vice versa. We all have “jobs” or roles here and we must sit with the “knowing” that yours is yours and someone else’s is someone else’s. 

As we navigate this time, it is so important to anchor into the things that help you stay grounded and more present. To anchor into the self-care and self-awareness that is needed by you each day and sometimes each moment. To nurture yourself on all levels as you feel inner-called to. Do what you need. Make it something that is seamless in your life. If it is not seamless, I encourage you to make it easy, do-able, and supportive in the most loving and kind way possible. If you have no time, make time for 5 minutes. 

As you navigate information overload, know that information will not be enough for you. You will have to go inward to feel the resonance of what is being said to know if it is your personal truth or not. Truth is different for each person. If you are witnessing the amount of truth saying happening on all levels, through all channels then you might be noticing the full spectrum of personal truths that exist throughout humanity. This is more obvious than ever if you observe from a space of more neutrality, even if it is just for a short time. Step back metaphorically speaking, watch, and listen for a moment.  

This is why as we continue on in whatever way we are called to do so, it is powerful to take time to shut out the external noise and go within. This is the only way to navigate the outer world from a place of power, empowered focus on what is important to us, and a more purposeful and joyful path. 

Otherwise, you might get lost in the chaos without an inner compass guiding you.


Take care of yourself, your mind, body, energy, and emotional space. Ask yourself  “what do I need?” and then wait for your own inner answer that will come through instant knowing, feeling, and/or imagery.   

Notice and process your triggers, and know they are here to create more space, freedom, and expansion for yourself.

This is a time of great transformation.