I woke in the middle of the night and said to myself “unending joy.” When I said this to myself from my inner knowing (intuition), flashes of moments, connections of understanding, and deeper clarity came rushing through. It is a way that things release for me having momentary snapshots of aspects that need to be cleared to move into my next place of expansion. My own outer limit being met, and then me flowing right through, dissolving that outer limit and onto greater expansion. 


“You have mastered suffering, but can you master joy?”

This has come to me several times over the past few years. We as humans have learned through suffering. It is something we are good at, and many have mastered the art of learning and healing through suffering to get to the other side. There is no bottom to suffering. We know that the depth is unending. Yet what about love, joy, fun, ecstasy, and pleasure? Is there a ceiling on that? I challenge you to ask yourself if you have a quota for joy and then ask yourself if you have a quota for suffering.

How comfortable are you with suffering? 

How comfortable are you with joy? 


Sometimes even if something feels bad inside of us, it can still be familiar, like suffering. Now, I do not mean that suffering is “ bad” or that joy is “good.” This is not about judgment, which comes from a grading system placed in your consciousness by other humans. Suffering in varying degrees happens. Every human has suffered. What I am wondering is when joy comes do you worry about when the next shoe will drop? How much joy are you willing to let into your being until you feel it is enough or too much or selfish? 

How much joy are you comfortable with? How much can you contain in your cells?

There are many layers and stages of being the master of your reality and your life. We all get to places where we realize we are being called to expand into greater places than we have personally gone before. Each time, we get to consciously see, feel, and know where we are being called to. It might be an easy thing for you to know you have more “healing” to do and yes there is. Yet what about more joy? What can be learned from joy? From love? From pleasure? From fun? 


Can lessons be learned from joy? Can lessons be learned from whispers instead of screams? Can we allow the simplest of things in the present moment to inspire joy inside of us even when everything isn’t “right” in the world or in our lives? Can we be willing to let go and embrace joy when it is possible? And when it is already living inside our cells, are we willing to hold more? Can we be ok with accepting even more love and embodied joy? Or will you say “that’s enough for today, I will go back to melancholy, blah, and pensiveness now until it’s time for some more joy tomorrow, or the day after.” 

As those momentary flashes came to me in the middle of the night, I acknowledged where my expansion was taking me which I was consciously choosing to go. I saw the way I was and made the choice to expand into the new place, where joy could be unending. Not from a spiritual bypassing way at all (if you know me, then you know how much I talk about helping people feel and heal). Nor from a superficial level being concerned with how other people perceive  joyfulness in another. But from a heart-centered, beauty and reverence for life and for this journey kind of way. One that is multifaceted, multidimensional, and a full spectrum experience. 


Unending joy doesn’t mean to me being joyful every second of every day, it is daring to KNOW, and EMBODY that joy has no end, has no ceiling. 


The ones who are doing the work, the deepest karmic clearing to ascend into higher states of consciousness as an EMBODIED soul on this planet must accept even more than ever that we can learn from being in a state of love, joy, and beauty. That it is ok, and acceptable to embrace this, even when others are suffering. That your journey onward to higher aspects of embodied empowered consciousness will not be thwarted from joy. That learning from joy, love, and bliss is actually radically powerful. 


So will you dance with joy? Will you allow yourself to become enraptured when you can reach it even if you know you might not stay there forever? I dare you.