There’s a difference between something coming easy and experiencing something with ease. 


Ease is an inner state of being that can be brought or applied to any action. Ease is essentially flow. It’s a feeling of motion that has a next step and the next whether that takes lots of external or physical effort or not. 


Having something come easy is based on the external expression of an action that is perceived as “right” or properly done in the standards that have been created by us humans. When these things are properly done quickly or after a short time of trying it is then seen as easy. 


Ease won’t always feel accessible in every moment especially when it’s a new practice. Plus here are a few other things that get in the way of ease:


-Feeling the perceived pressure of limited time which can bring on rush energy and constriction in your body. 


-Feeling the excessive pressure of expectations or judgment from others and from yourself. 


-Pressure to do things “right,” perfect, or in a certain way which can leave out the freedom of discovery, the organic nature of learning and the experience of  what many perceive as “failure” 


Ease is completely possible and takes practice. 


Ease is a feeling, not a doing. 


So do you think that we crave things coming “easy” to us or do we crave the deeper state of ease and to meet challenges and growth from that space more often? 


Do you think we as humans truly want things to always come easy or is it the outer learned behaviors around expectations, success, and comparison that play the major part in this?


Don’t walk away from things that don’t come completely easy to you thinking it’s a sign you aren’t in vibrational alignment with yourself and your highest desires and choices. Know that there are many times you are birthing yourself anew, or holding space for yourself at a barrier that can feel uncomfortable and intense. Notice if where you are going is what you desire and have chosen. Remind yourself of your choice and anchor that IN then let yourself be guided by yourself to your next step and the next.  


Know that your path to your next desired state of being, expansion, and expression of self will be the journey of letting go of what cannot exist within you in that new place you are heading towards. This purging, clearing, and healing process is essential and can be navigated through with greater ease even if it doesn’t feel easy.


Play a game with me. 


Take an activity that you love or that you have to do regularly. It will be fun to imagine this for both the loved things and the routine things. 


Now, what if there were no expectations, measures of success, or comparisons about that topic? What if you removed or disengaged yourself from all of that for say 30 minutes and did that thing? What did it feel like? How was it different? What came up for you? 


These are interesting things to explore. Aren’t they? 


Remember ease is a state of being and doesn’t mean everything will come easy. Yet approaching things from varying levels of ease will change your whole experience of what you are doing.